New York Audio Labs - Moscode Super It Phono Stage

Hi - just wondering if there is anybody out there who has or has had this particular NYAL Phono stage. Unfortunately, mine has a defective wall wart power supply, and the tech who tried to fix it does not know the value(s) of the step down and I also believe step up voltages, so I'm somewhat in limbo. I'd really appreciate it if anybody knows where I might attempt to replace this transformer, or have a schematic perhaps ? Thanks very much.
Why not contact George Kaye. He probably designed "IT". The # I have is (212) 779-3713. Otherwise, run a search on George Kaye Audio and you should get his web site.
Contacting George Kaye is probably the way to go.

I have a Super-It phono stage that my tech is currently working on, but it has a outboard power supply that the previous owner had made (custom wound toroidal transformer, 20,000 mF filter capacitance, etc.). I could try to get the specs on this power supply if you think it would be of some use. If interested, please contact me at: [email protected]