More Cowbell



This never gets old.


I dunno - I've been a BOC fan since 1972 and I never found this at all amusing.  The band seems to like it, though; saw them once when a band called Covers Girls opened for them, and when they did 'Born to Be Wild', Buck Dharma came running out on stage banging a cowbell.... 

It never gets old. I saw BOC 5 or 6 times in the 70's, they needed more cowbell.

Laughter is an involuntary protest to the absurd, ridiculous.  

That's why this is still funny after all these years.

The sketch itself, with the great writing, great acting (I particularly enjoy when Gene, played by the great Will Ferrell, says, ‘…and I’d be doing myself a disservice…’) and great set/costumes (after doing the sketch in dress rehearsal with a normal size shirt, Ferrell decided to wear the too-small shirt before the live taping) indeed never gets old.

However, saying “mOre cOwBeLl!!”,  like shouting “FrEeBiRd!!”, got very, very, very old a long, long time ago.