I've got the Feeva.. and the prescription ain't more cowbell!

Introducing new components into my system always presents a challenge. Until I feel in my gut, that challenge is resolved, I'm just not physically 100%. Having said this, (I have been feeling physically down lately and kind of blase'.)

(To give an example of my (OCD ?).... watching New Record Day audio reviews, (which I enjoy), I notice that every time he sets the arm down on a record... the constant wavering of the VPI arm....whether it's on a Avenger or a Classic 3.... I wonder why this wavering goes on for so long? Then I surmise, he probably isn't using the anti-skating feature.. or his home-made rack isn't very stable. These are the kinds of things I notice.  Fast forward....

My recent challenge...replacing a pair of Usher BE-718s for a pair of Usher Tiny Dancer Mini One Diamonds.

After unboxing them and setting them into a familiar place... I could immediately hear the positive difference. But as you all know, there is more work to be done. This dialing in period lasted around three days. (Over these three days my physical feeling has been kind of a steady 80%).

My main problem was dealing with the uneven room dimensions. Don't even get me started on the workmanship of housing construction or the drying methods of wood used in housing construction. (One does needs a stable/level (platform) to start with which ending up being my front wall). Yes. It was then and only then, that my "Feeva" started to dissipate and my MOJO returning. 

Deciding the front wall as my reference, I was now able to dial in these speakers to within 98% of their ability. Now I'm nodding my head and tapping my feet!

I'm also feeling better physically.

Is my "Feeva", my physical well being, tied to my system's set-up? I really think it is. How about you?

Or it could be the Zika. Just saying...

Grooving to LCD Soundsystem (Get Innocuous from Sound of Silver) and it made me forget everything I want to change about my system. 
I've actually wondered about that!...Hum....?
"Well, Doctor, what do You think?"

*cough*  Well, it seems like a case of FSS (Fresh System Staging) in which the patient exhibits all the signs of satiation.  After all the physical and mental effort, they're lulled into thinking they've got a handle on it and all is well.  This condition will last for a varying period of time that we call 'The Interlude'.

"Course, 'lude only lasts for awhile.  It gives way to 'The Itch'.  It starts in the gut, works it's way up the spine, and infects the cortex with delusions of doubt and dissatisfaction.  A search for a cure begins.  The search phase will continue until another BSO (Bright Shiny Object) seems to offer relief from The Itch.  Which it does....and the infection cycle begins again...

No cure, really.  Bankruptcy may interfere, but the only sure cure is death.

*cue hoary organ music*

"Hi, I'm not a doctor, but I look like one.  And I'm here to tell You about the Fantastic Breakthrough in Simulated Acoustic Experiences.  Now, this isn't the same as the "Learn a language overnight with your I-Phone Neural Implants!" that had everyone speaking their own dialects...."
Say what???

Parenthesis on second paragraph are inconsistent.

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06-20-2016 10:24am
Parenthesis on second paragraph are inconsistent.

It would be grammatically correct to say, "Parentheses in second paragraph are inconsistent."


Most definitely and at one time it really bothered me that it bothered me. This is supposed to be fun and an escape from other stuff that leaves one looking for a break. Thankfully the worst symptoms of early audiophilia have been in remission for awhile and I'm managing it quite well tweaking what's working.