More Cowbell

This is just a riot to watch. Perhaps the most underrated instrument of all time - The Cowbell!

Can you name a favourite rock song with a cowbell.
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Can you name a favourite rock song with a cowbell.
My friend Farmer Ed sez: "There’s a cowbell in all of my favorite songs. That’s why we call it moosic."
Go to Spotify and do a search for 'cowbell'. Up comes a list of 257 songs that feature a cowbell.
Dylan "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
Favorite? Maybe the Stones "Honky Tonk Women"
Mississippi Queen!.....the Great Fatsby and Mountain
The only one that comes to mind right now is Honky Tonk Woman.Whenever I hear a cowbell I always think of that SNL skit too:)
Power Failure by B J Wilson & Co:

... and there´ll be more, like Bringing Home the Bacon

The Master at work, enjoy the Music : )
You're forgetting the track Christopher Walken was producing...Don't Fear the Reaper.

Fun video!  Not rock, but Mahler uses cowbells in his 6th Symphony!
Nazareth - "Hair of the Dog"

Max CowBell.........
I really miss classic rock with a cowbell mounted on the high hat!

I must admit I hadn´t seen nothing yet ; )

Cos BTO rocked ! Great taste in music for sure : ) 

... and there´ll be more:

Ladies and Gentlemen ... MOUNTAIN

Felix Pappalardi you are the best, the great producer and the fattest & heaviest bass sound in the business, crème de la crème in American rock´n´roll


For any drummer wanting a great sounding cowbell, look for the one Zildjian made for a while. Best sounding cowbell I've ever heard! Sweet, musical sound.
serious cowbell tone ala  Mississippi Queen.

@bdp24 , what did you think of Chad's cowbell in the video?

"Go Your own Way", Fletwood Mac

"Workin’ for the weekend", Loverboy

Oh yes, "The Wizard", by Black Sabbath.

He made exactly ONE cowbell hit in that song. Probably one of the only metal or rock songs around... where the drums were the lead. And Bill Ward...never repeats himself... similar, yes but no repeats.

SNL, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell " More Cowbell" Don't Fear The Reaper
Ok here it is - the biggest hit ever with mostly all cowbell!!!

A number 30 single in the UK in 1968!

No vocals. Just COWBELL, clave (cross-stick) and B3.