montana eps crossover ???

does any one know where ca i get the schema of the montana eps loudspeaker ???
please help !!!
I did own these speakers for a couple of years. Peter is very accessible. I have talked with him on the phone; sorry I don't have his # since I have sold the speakers.(10 months ago) In my opinion these speakers were below par in the upper mid to highs; the low mid to lows they were great. What my opinion is based on: I still have all the same pieces,cables included. But, have had 3 different speakers,since. First up was the Lowther speaker to show me what was possible; then Merlin MM's---Then Wilson Sophia.---Each step a learning process in an attempt to get the top and the bottom I like, all in one speaker.
Drop me a note and I'll give you Peter's phone number if you don't already have it. He is great to talk to.
What do you intend to do with the circuit diagram if you got it ? All the drivers are propritary i.e. built especially for us and not available "off the shelf" so building copies are out of the question.
It is his business if he wants to check out the info right?
If your intention is upgrading the crossover components, consider giving George Short at North Creek Music a call. His top line crossover parts utterly transformed a pair of loudspeakers I own. $800 was a big cost for crossover boards, but George fully assembled them leaving only slip-on/eyelet connectors to be attached to the drivers/binding posts. Absolutely the most cost-effective upgrade I've ever made to a system.
Hi Jb0194 and Chadnliz,

I sincerely doubt that Mr. Short from North Creek (funny coincidence, my last name directly translated from Danish, my country of birth - means exactly - "north creek") can install any better cross-over components than the EPS utilizes, both capacitors in the tweeter section are of the film and foil type, especially made for us - aluminium foil/ polypropylene film. The series cap in the bandpass for the mids are a combiantion of a film and foil bypass (10% of the value) and a metalized polypropylene film cap. All inductors are of the perfect layer type, large gauge where appropiate. In many cases a series resistance in an inductor is actually required and an integral part of the design

Yes -I aggee that diffrent components in cross overs may sound diffrent but that is just so, diffrent, not better.

I closing let me plaese point out that designing a Loudspeaker takes a long time, going through a lot of drivers, boxes, components and working with your suppliers to get exactly what you want and therefore at a considerable expense, the final topology of a cross-over I consider to be very propritary in nature and would therefore never release.