Montana Owners NY/NJ/PA

I'm very interested in the Montana line but am having difficulty scaring up a demo, even after talking with PBN. Anyone have a pair of SP3's or EPS2's in the area willing to let me visit for a listen. I'll offer the customary microbrew as an inducement. Thanks!
Ohio ? but I have the EPX
I'm a little farther south than what you are looking for. But if you ever get down to the southern part of Virgina, you are welcome to stop by and listen to my SP2s.

You guys are great but a little too far. How do you like your Montana's?
Long story short. I had a pair of SP2s, foolisly sold them to a buddy. Went through a few other speakers, found another pair. Later sold them too. Recently I had the chance to acquire my orignal Montanas again, so I jumped on it. Talk about coming full circle. They aren't perfect, then again, no speaker is. But they seem to push my buttons.

I've heard Oz's setup briefly. It sounds fantastic!!!
Definitely one of the best setups I've had the pleasure of listening to. For some reason Oz..I knew you would be back with the Montanas. I wondered why you never tried a different model of PBN to see if they also pushed your buttons. IMHO these speakers don't get the attention they deserve. The SP2 has a transmission line type bass that really pushes my buttons. It is also an imaging monster with great driver integration..
Thanks for the kind words Gmood. I always knew the Montanas were good, but you know how it is when you get the upgrade bug. Sometimes different is perceived as better at first, you know the rest of the story.....

I didn't realize your brief encounter with the SP2s was so positive....

Hey doesn't take me long to figure out if I could live with a speaker. I could easily live with those SP2s and be happy. Upgrading can sometime actually be downgrading in sound if you know what I mean.
Just because you spend more doesn't mean you'll be happy with the results.:-D

Let me know when the Montana's go up for sell again..I'll make sure you'll never get that pair back.LOL
I've heard Ozzy62's setup too once w/ his orig pair of Montanas (which are b-a-c-k!) & once w/ another famous brand of speakers. The Montana SP2 were definitely outstanding in reproducing sound from his playback system. I'm happy to read that those orig speakers are back - they do his electronics proud.

I had a good chuckle reading the exchange between Gmood1 & Ozzy62 esp this from Gmood1 "...I wondered why you never tried a different model of PBN to see if they also pushed your buttons."
Gmood1: I've asked Ozzy62 THE same question several times now!! LOL! Maybe this time around he might give that option a whirl?
LOL... Bombaywalla it's a small world!!! I've thought about this many times. I just never bothered asking Oz as he seemed to be on a mission with the speaker hunt. :-)
I also wouldn't mind giving the GMA speakers you own a whirl. GMA IMHO makes some of the most realistic sounding speakers on the pyrotechnics ..just the facts Ma'am.LOL
Ok guys, you are ganging up on me. Looks like I don't stand a chance.......

I live in Manhattan and I have a pair of Montana XP these speakers rock you have to hear these speakers.Email me if
you like to hear them.Come hang out make some noise bring your own music

Later Joseph Palazzo
Once you hear the Montana Load speakers, it's very hard to really enjoy any other speaker. They have a very special way of pushing air. Everything sounds live. They are without doubt, one of the very best load speakers ever made, regardless of price....

Without reservation, a would say the Montana "WAS" speaker (55K) is the best I have heard to date. The air it pushes, and the bass " SLAM/PUNCH" is as if you were at a live concert.
No other speaker I have heard comes close to this Live presentation. You can acually "FEEL" the punch in the music, not just hear it.

It something you have to here to believe.