Monitor Speaker Vote "Face Off"...

I have being visiting Audigon for the last year and I find the postings very helpful. I am presently in the process of buying a set of monitor spekers in the range of $1000-$1500 used. I am considering Tylo Ref. Monitors, Silverline SR-17,
Solliloquy 5.0, ProAc 1SC and Sonus Faber Concerto. Before I buy I would like for you to help me by "voting" for your favorite (doesn't have to be my cosiderations) in that price range used. The one with the most "votes" gets the nod from me. Thanks!
Please please please AUDITION whatever gets the most votes, and at least the second place vote getter, before you buy! It's much better to KNOW you love what your buying than to wonder if what your hearing is what you're supposed to be hearing. There is enough variation in speakers in any price range that you can buy something that over time (and not much of that) that you will come to absolutely hate the sound of, where even a half an hour spent just listening could save you from a miserable experience. You've got a good list of candidates, several of which I auditioned myself and a couple I would have liked to audition but couldn't. Perhaps to my loss, the ones I couldn't audition I couldn't buy, yet I dearly love the speakers I have. And you might just find the perfect monitor that we haven't even heard of yet - I never saw a single recommendation for the speakers I wound up buying. I did get a pair of one of the speakers on your list, but without knowing your musical preferences or anything about your gear, I can't recommend them to you. If you've been lingering for a while, you already know not all speakers play nicely with all gear, and some won't play with some gear at all; and some speakers can really rock, but merely croak when it comes to complex classical music. Not to mention the importance of your listening room. So, please, give us a little more info and let us give you some USEFUL feedback.


I have the taylo reference monitors driven by a 30 wpc audiomat prelude tube intergrated.I find them to be detailed but very musical.Jazz,female vocals and acoustical guitar are strengths of this monitor IMO.
I like Ty's products so well that I ordered a pair of Lindbrooks for my 22x22 room .Drop me a line ,if you live in the Boston area,to stop over for an audition.
Good luck
Sonus Faber Electors. (Not Elector Amators) Very small with a big speaker sound and absolutly gorgous cabinets. Retail 3500 but I have seen them used for 1500. I had a pair once and traded them in. I have always regreted giving those up.
In this price range, you should also consider the Coincident Triumph Signatures. At $1099, (maybe less if you get them direct from Coincident), they are hard to beat. Very easy load with a wonderful midrange. They compete very well against the models that you have listed
just send me $1500 (cash only) and i'll pick out and shipya ( via USPS, 4th class book rate) some speakers you're sure to like. no need to go thru this voting nonsense. i do this every day. the trunk of my lincoln is filled with these things. man, i can get you stuff that costs, like, $3,000 each! and i'm pretty sure i can find a matching pair, or at least close enuf where you shouldn't see no difference.
Thanks for all the imput. Chas my equipment is not audiophile caliber (Kenwood receiver/Yamaha cd player). I know I will need to upgrade this equipment but I would like to start with the speakers first. I also know that the above mention speakers will reveal all the flaws of my equipment but I have to start somewhere. At this point, I can't finish the whole "chain" at once. I know auditionig is important.I have audition the ProAc's with Audio Research equipment and they sounded great. Will they sound the same with the Kenwood? I very much doubt it! My room is 17' wide x 20' long and 8' high. I would say it is a "medium" sounding room. To Cornfedboy - I have the $1500 ready as soon as I see your Lincoln drive up.

Biggish room, weakish equipment (but it's good enough for now, given your plans). I know them solely by reputation, but people I know know what they're talking about highly recommend NewForm Research R630. Brand spankin' new they're at the top of your price range, used they're available at the bottom. Hybrid ribbons with ScanSpeak mid drivers, specs that compare well with all the monitors you mention, and (I'm told) very musical. Plus, they would obviate the need for(and additional expense of) stands. Plus, they should be up for whatever you get for your next upgrade (not that any of your selected monitors wouldn't, mind you!). Unless you specifically need monitors for a reason (and room size clearly isn't one) then this would be my recommendation.

If I still get a vote, and you are intent on buying by popular demand, then I go with the Silverlines (but then, I own 'em!)

You should consider the Spendor S-1s ... see planet hifi. May/June 00 review. and yes ... I have a pair for sale. regards
I have listened to everything on your wish list except the Tylo's (never heard of them). My personal favorite is the SR-17's, but your favorite may be entirely different. You need to do whatever you can to audition speakers before settling down with them. Some manufacturers or dealers may offer purchase/demo with a return/refund option. I have auditioned quite a few "highly rated" speakers that just did not make music for me and one of my favorite "old time" speakers were the B&O 5700's (anybody remember those?). Speaker preference really is a personal thing.
I recommend checking into used Merlin TSM too.
Thanks Chas. I have heard great things obout the NewForm Research R630. It has been highly recommended. I did not include them im my choices because they probably would not have great wife (speaker) approval. But I keep hearing Silverline!

Here's a solution I saw recently to the "appearance problem" - the guy built a couple of small, thin legged tables that fit over the cabinet, but behind the ribbon. Actually used something like Vibrapods on the feet, in fact. The tables were shallow trays, waterproofed, on which he put plants! I thought it was ingenious - broke up the visual lines of the speaker without impacting the acoustics much, if at all. I guess theoretically we could do the same thing with our stand-based monitors, as well, but to get those ribbons, I can get creative!

Listened to a new Liz Story cd on the Silverlines last night. Might just as well have been sitting on the piano itself.

Thanks to those who submitted their opinion in this matter. However, the response was not overwhilming to say speaker "X" got the majority of the votes and I will go with that.
No recount wa needed. I took many of the things said to heart and decided to do it alone as it were. After much thought, research and sweat I purchased a pair of Tyler Acoustics Tylo Reference Monitors. I have not regreted one moment with these speakers. They are absolutely stunning! Their imageing and disappearing act is just incredible. How the music is "layered" across the room was quite a novelty to me. But the most unbelievable part is that the Tylos perform like this hooked up to a fifteen year old Kenwood receiver! Tyler Acoustics is for real. It has been a fantastic way of getting introduced to the world of high end. I would recommend the Tylos to any audiophile. Well, now you know how I chose. Again, thanks for your input. Your opinions did help.