Mofi Ultra Tracker, reviews, opinions?

I can't seem to find much about the Mofi line of cartridges, in particular the Ultra Tracker.  Any reviews or opinions are appreciated.
The innards are built by Audio Technica and it’s basically a VM line in a different body. It’s a great MM cartridge.
I have the Ultradeck Plus with the Ultra Tracker cartridge. I think it sounds great. Even better than my previous Clearaudio Champion Level II with a Benz Ace MC cartridge. Music sounds full and rich instead of lean and clinical. In the 2k range, I'd take this table and cartridge over anything.
Glad you're enjoying the Ultradeck. A very interesting option in it's price range, and not surprised you like as much as you do. Someone I trust very much was very impressed with the UT Cartridge, as far as MM cartridges go. In the price range, I think Well Tempered is another really musical table. That, just to come full circle with my thoughts. No affiliation with WT, just a happy owner. I'd like to hear the Ultradeck with a good MC, like the EMT, or wood body Denon 103. Is it safe to assume your income is fixed..? (-:
No, I just got a good Christmas deal for the table and cartridge. I'm going to enjoy it as it is, and when the time comes, I'll make an assessment and choose. As for now, I can safely say that I'm not hearing anything that would prompt me to change it.
Spenceroo- I'm sure it's an excellent table....enjoy!  My last question referring to fixed income was for the OP. (-:
No problem - it looked like you were asking me!
Spenceroo:  Being retired, my income is definitely fixed.
Rest of system:  Teres 265 TT; Moerch 12" Arm; Herron Audio Tube Phono Preamp; ML 380S Preamp; Wired4Sound Amp; and Emerald Physics 2.0 Speakers.  The Ultra Tracker is on-order.
Update on the Ultra Tracker cartridge:  SOB to mount and align, very picky!  Not in the same universe as my ClearAudio Discovery, but for the money very nice.  Good backup.
Nice system @fixedincome   

very smooth cartridge, i heard an extensive demo one day not too long ago.  
however at ~ $100 less the Nagaoka MP 200 sounds much better to my ears in terms of detail, extension at each end, speed and dynamics.  easily the cartridge of choice under $750.00.