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Direct drive, cart and phono for under $750. Possible?
@stereo5  Pioneer was the fir table I though of! 
Direct drive, cart and phono for under $750. Possible?
Excellent suggestions! 
Most hyped turntable, tonearm, and cartridge?
My mint Luxman PD444 from Japan with two new armboards in 2018 cost me $2000 which was not common, but I got real lucky. Runs perfect and is one of the most gorgeous golden age tables ever made. Real cost on a mint PD444 is more like $4000 or more... 
Relative Spending on Turntables and Cartridges
I've blown my budget to smithereens! 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
Skeleton's from the Closet when I was 9 back in 78. I got it with a beat up turntable at a garage sale for 5 bucks total. Played it every night. I had some wonderful dreams about driving trains with cocaine.  
Help with TT ideas for my first TT
@kro77 each cart has it's own flavor. Most of my carts have been aligned for certain arms, but once you get the hang of it, adjusting to a different arm isn't that difficult. Mine have all been aligned by my Japanese time traveling friend. At the ... 
Help with TT ideas for my first TT
This voyage is a fun one @kro77  Glad your enjoying it. In three years, I'm at 3 TT's, two of them vintage. 6 vintage arms. 14 vintage carts. I love this ride! Vintage tubes are nice to add too.  
Anyone tried the Ortofon Concorde century Cartridge?
@rauliruegas it's possible to think dollar signs and take care of the client. You're not good a business man if you don't. Eating cabbage soup every day and living under a bridge is not something I want to do.  
Anyone tried the Ortofon Concorde century Cartridge?
Lol @rauliruegas I’ve purchased 14 vintage carts from @chakster , 5 vintage minty/NOS arms, a Victor TT101 in pristine condition and have NEVER had a problem with his service or recommendations. Not many people here do as much research or have the... 
Cartridge recommendation please...
No need to replace styli from vintage carts in my opinion. Get a great deal on an NOS under $1000 and just play it. When it's done, sell it and have someone else retip but not with original stylus of course. Pull the next vintage cart from the mus... 
Mysterious Cartridges: forgotten Argent MC
Heading to America! 
Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary delivery .
Excellent @luisma31 
Deck selection 2 ~ 3k
@hleeid Technics 1200 GR with fixed tonearm is a nice place to get your feet wet. Swap out carts with ease. Beautiful table at a fair price. You just need it rotate at a constant speed without variance. This table does it. Love my GR! 
Help with TT ideas for my first TT
Yes @kro77 now look for reviews regarding albums you want. I bought 10 of my favorite artists albums right out of the gate and the mastering/press was terrible. Blonde, Mellencamp, Springsteen, Amy Whinehouse to name a few. Never made that mistake... 
Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary delivery .
I wouldn’t worry @vinylnostalgic. It’s not a Technics problem but a covid/normal mail shipping issue. You're gonna love that table, if you ever get it. Speedy express is open for business but they’re not going to send it via bullet mail like Russian.