Modwright LS100 VS Modwright LS36.5

I am considering getting either of the above ... If you have experience of the above... please give me some feedback... Thanks
I have owned the LS-100 as well as other 6SN7 based preamplifiers, and while I have not owned or heard the 36.5, I have owned another 6H30 based preamplifier and I have to say that I prefer 6SN7 preamps to 6H30 preamps in a general sense.

The 6SN7 preamp will have more tone, warmth and body then the 6H30 preamp, while the 6H30 preamp will be remarkable in its clarity.

But a lot of this really depends on synergy with the rest of your system and your personal preferences. Also, if you're looking for a balanced preamp, the LS 36.5 is truly balanced versus the LS-100 which has XLR outputs only for convenience.

What does the rest of your system look like?
Hi Wil,

Thanks for your response...

My Setup
Amp - Pass Labs X250.5
Current Pre - Quick SIlver Linestage
CEC TL 1 CD Transport
Theta Pro Basic DAC - thinking of changing my DAC also
Speakers - Harbeth SHL 5

I have the LS100 with Black Treasure 6sn7s and a Philips 5ar4 and echo Wilysnet's comment about it. I asked Dan Wright about the difference in sound between the 2 and he said that the LS36.5 was faster due to the 6H30.
I'd go with the LS-100. The highly resolved, ever so slightly warm (for a solid state amp that is) and inner detail and micro-dynamic finesse of the Pass amplifier would be complemented well by the richer texture of the LS-100. Personally, I think a 6H30 preamp here would be a bit boring.

I know a lot of people aim for absolute neutrality, but you know, one person's neutral is someone else's cold fish. Fortunately, I think a Harbeth owner would appreciate that sentiment.

When I had the LS-100, it was outfitted with Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes and Mullard 5AR4 rectifier.

I presently own the Atma-sphere MP-3, which I think is slightly more neutral but just as beautiful.

Best 6SN7 preamplifier I've heard is the TRL Dude. I owned one briefly, but its chassis was too large to be suitable in my shared listening room. That might not be a problem for you.

As for DACs, I think one of the best values out there right now is the NAD M51. I'm really impressed with it, and having been through many DACs over the years, I can say this one is a real standout. At least it is in the $1500 - $3000 range.
I've owned both and prefer the LS100 which in my system produced deeper bass and more body. The LS36.5 is a tad quieter but leaner throughout. Both are excellent (outperforming my ARC LS26 easily)and your decision is really one of system matching. If you want to add just a touch of warmth then the LS100, if you want a more neutral presentation then the LS36.5. I also like that you can tube roll with the LS100 and the built in headphone amp is excellent and certainly nice to have. Finally, you can always add Dan's excellent DAC or phonostage to the LS100 which is not possible with the LS36.5. Given the entire package the LS100 has to be one of the best bargains out there at the moment.
That's right, it's very difficult to tube roll the 36.5. There are only three choices for the 6H30. Two new production manufacturers which are sonically nearly indistinguishable, and the very expensive DR version which is NOS. The DR version is more of a good thing, but in terms of character, pretty much the same.
Clarrie, if you get the LS100 just make sure that you give it the 4-500 hours of break-in that Dan recommends to really hear what it sounds like
Wow .. 4-500 hours that's a long time... is there a shorter way to do it...
Wow .. 4-500 hours that's a long time... is there a shorter way to do it...

Send it to me first. I'll do it for you. I always enjoy something new to experience. I'll send it back when you want. LOL.
Clarrie - none that I know of , you need to run music through it not just leaving it turned on - if you have a CD player with repeat or can stream music another way you can get there reasonably quickly