Modifications to California Audio Labs/CAL Delta?

Does anyone have any experinece upgrading their California Audio Labs Delta transport? I have seen lots of ideas out there for upgrades to other players, but haven't seen any DIY mods for a Delta. I don't have any problems with it, I just like to tinker and anything that will help make it even better would be great. For full disclosure the Delta is hooked up to a Genesis Digital Lens and then to a Tube Audio Design TADAC for D/A and preamplification via Cardas Neutral Reference digital ICs. Any insights or ideas greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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I have the Delta/Alpha and considered your idea. Gave it up as mods to mechanical units are never sucessful. I did try other transports in feeding the Alpha, but never found any improvement. So, I still mostly listen to the Alpha/Delta on Red Book CD's but have a Sony 777es to listen to SACD's.
I have a modded Delta, that I won on an ebay auction through Richard Gray of The Power Company fame. The Transport belonged to a friend of his.

This Transport, which I won for $300, had over $600 worth of mods, done by Great Northern Sound in MN. Every Cap was replaced with Blackgates, High Speed Rectifiers, and Bybee Purifiers placed into the incoming AC Path.

Comparing the Unit to my other, bought new in 1997 bone stock Delta (yes I have two of them, I would say the modded Unit has slightly better purity, and smoothness. The differences are subtle, not that startling of a difference.

But, would I say the modded Delta would be worth such an expense to mod? Probably not, and I have to tend to agree with what other posters say, that one would most likely spend thier money much more wisely, by trading up to a better Transport than the Delta.

I will say, they were a nice Transport for the money spentback then, were good, well bulit workhorses, but I would assume there are better to be had, at reasonable prices today.

Had I myself personally ever considered doing any mods to my Delta/Alpha Combo, I'd probably spend the money on the Alpha, modding it instead. Mark
Jab's suggestion is "right-on"

I had that combo, then replaced the Delta with a CEC TL-2X, the resulting sound turned into music, I've had the CEC ever since.