MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT

anyone care to recommend some good mm cart synergistic with the vpi aries tt ? $500 would be tops i would choose.
thanks for the inputs.
Dear Nolitan: Please read what I posted about here:

of course that the current models from Ortofon, Clearaudio, Audio Technica, Garrot or Goldring are good options too.

IMHO almost any MM/MI cartridge can be a good match with your VPI rig.

Regards and enjoy the music,
anyone tried scout with the grado Platinum or Sonata 1 carts ?
I have a Platinum on my Scoutmaster. I like the sound but the only problem I had was the "Grado Dance". It was solved by adding a 3 gram wt to the headshell. I am planning a upgrade to the Sonata 1.
can grado Gold I (5.5g) tracking force 1.5 work with this JMW 9 tonearm ?
When I had the Scout, I used a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge that really sounded great. I also added a Cloud 10 isolation platform with a noticable result.
Dear Nolitan: Grado makes very good cartridges, I like it, and if you want a Grado IMHO the best you can get and that match your analog rig is : Grado Amber The Tribute, you can find it here:

Regards and enjoy the music,
Anyone else here w/ experience on the Grado Gold on this TT ?
I'm a bit unsure due to the low weight of this cart, 5.5grams only.
Pls advice.
I have a Sonata 1 on my scout and I thinks it's pretty fab. No problems with dancing, humming or anything else. No extra weight needed, but I think the Sonata is heavier than the Gold. Previously I had Ortofon 2M Bronze, which I enjoyed but I like the Grado better. The sound is a little bit less clinical. You can find good used Sonatas here on AG for very good prices. A used Sonata would be better than a new Gold.
Bigmm, thanks... i'll shortlist the sonata 1 on my list of carts. i think that should work better w/ the scout than the ligher Prestige Gold.
Nolitan, I'd used a Grado Sonata Reference, Garrott Optim FGS, and Goldring 1042 in my VPI Scout (since departed and replaced.) All of them had great merit and preference would depend on partnered equipment. I did have problems with the "Grado Dance" on some classical records, never on jazz or rock lp's though. To my ears, the VPI Scout has a rather warm and forgiving sonic nature and the Grado is more of the same. If you have other components that could use a little tonal counterbalancing, the Grado could be your ticket. I found the Garrott to be more my cup of tea. While the Optim FGS lists for $1K, I'd sure look at another highly rated Garrott, the P77i @ $499. You can order it from Decibelhifi in Australia. The Garrott has a more even handed tonal signature compared to the Grado, a bit more detail in the upper frequencies. Not quite as luscious a midrange, but still lovely. Paul Szabady has an online review that will give you a good account of the Garrott sound. The Goldring is a great rock 'n roll cratridge. It's bit brash and untamed with delicate classical music, but on popular music, it's great fun. It's posessed with much rhythmic drive and elan. Another cartridge that I'd not overlook is the Ortofon 2M range. You can order the 2M black from Germany on Ebay for your stated price range. Don't take anyone else's word as gospel though. We all have different systems and ears, there's no universal "best" at any given price point.
hi Photon

thank you for recommendations! enjoyed your post.
a few of my friends has also contributed that i consider the consider mm carts.
I'll have to study them first.
But thanks for inputs.
Could you do a high output MC? If so, the Dynavector 10x5 is very hard to beat. I use one with the internal MM stage in my Bryston B60. I have to turn the volume know up just a touch more, but not too much.

In the end, i might just do a Clearaudio Maestro MM cart.
Heard so many good things about this cart.
Pricey but seems to be very good.
I know this is a old thread but I just ordered a VPI Scout and I'm putting in the Grado Gold. If you want to know more about this let me know and I will post impressions in a few weeks.

Would be curious how that works out Scout w/ the Grado Gold.
Will let you know when I get the TT Nolitan, but it will take some time. I might have to make a new thread just for this ok?
I'm using an Ortofon M20E Super which is a light but high compliance cart and thoroughly enjoyable. The presentation is lively, dynamic. For $149 (if I remember correctly), it's a steal. Had used a Clearaudio Maestro, and, without doubt, it truly is a fine cartridge--the specs are perfect. But for the price of one Maestro, you can buy several other MM carts and sample a wider variety. The Nagaoka MP 50 is a great match; I have one. The Garrott P77i, too. But my favorite cart for my Scout is a Grace F9e. Again, it's light, but it tracks like a hound. She's fast, smooth; the treble is crisp; the bass is never flabby or lacking; and the frequency range is fairly wide. I like it so much that I sent it into Soundsmith for a retip; now I'm counting the days. These are my opinions, of course. Just chimed in to let you know there are many carts that fit the Scout's arm, and many that work that you wouldn't think could. Good luck.
Well I finally got my Scout with the Grado Gold installed in my turntable. The only humming issue is my poor ground cable (I semi-fix it by using a paper clip, yes I know). With the paper clip the humming is only there if you put the volume at near max level. When playing records you can't hear it. So far it works just fine. I'm going to play it around with different albums to see if I can find the "Grado Dance." If you have any other questions please let me know!
I recently replaced the Platinum with a Sonata1.
The issue of the "Grado Dance" has not shown up yet. I don't have the 3 gram wt on the headshell any more either.
$297.00 for the re tip was money well spent. No hum, track very well at 1.65 grams. I still need to adjust the VTA but I am waiting for the cart. to breakin before trying to fine tune that.