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The Magnificent Magnepan 30.7 speakers....wait, I don’t like planars!
I heard this today at the House of Stereo in Jacksonville, FL.  I believe the hype of the 30.7's.  I was not expecting much expectation wise, including it cost $30k for the set.  But my god it hit all of my checkboxes:  No Digitalits, amazing mid-... 
Ayre QB-9 DSD or Codex?
I’m trying to jump on one but the seller didn’t reply back to me yet...Also, I don’t run balanced on my setup, so I don’t know if I would get the full benefits of the Codex. 
VPI Record Cleaner
If you want to buy record fluid the MoFi ones does a great job on my vinyl. 
North Florida Audio Society Jacksonville area
Good to hear! If you want to bring in your references CDs/Vinyl bring them! 
North Florida Audio Society Jacksonville area
The meeting is getting closer and if you want to know about DACs that is one of the topics we are going to talk about! 
MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT
Well I finally got my Scout with the Grado Gold installed in my turntable. The only humming issue is my poor ground cable (I semi-fix it by using a paper clip, yes I know). With the paper clip the humming is only there if you put the volume at nea... 
MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT
Will let you know when I get the TT Nolitan, but it will take some time. I might have to make a new thread just for this ok? 
MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT
I know this is a old thread but I just ordered a VPI Scout and I'm putting in the Grado Gold. If you want to know more about this let me know and I will post impressions in a few weeks.