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Nasty slap echo
Streetdaddy, Yes all of my treatment is homemade. it's very easy to make. I used rockwool not 703 - much cheaper and works the same. Make a frame the size you need, place in 703, wrap with a breathable material and hang on the wall. For higher fre... 
VPI Scout Cartridge
Grado Sonata 1 is also a good choice.It works well on my Scoutmaster. 
Buy yourself a Radioshack SPL meter for $50.00 and down load REW at Home Theater Shack (free) and do some measurements. Learn what your system is really doing. Then add some acoustic panel and see how much better your system will sound. Dollar for... 
Strangest Tweak?
I once went to buy speakers and while I was listening the sales person made me remove my digital watch and place it in another room. He said it's digital signal somehow changes the bass and imaging of a stereo. I did buy the speakers. 
Systemdek iix upgrade path to ??
I had the IIX many years ago. It's a nice table. I had a Premier FT3 arm on it. I also had a Audioquest sorbathane(sp) mat and a record clamp. I always thought it was good sounding. I upgraded to a VPI HW-19 and found major differances. The one th... 
Tube whistling
I have a SA-7 but with 6DJ8's in the line section.Call Mike E. at Alta Visa Audio and he may have suggestions for you. Better yet send it to him and have it upgraged you will not regret it. I did the line stage, volume control, part of the phono u... 
MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT
I recently replaced the Platinum with a Sonata1.The issue of the "Grado Dance" has not shown up yet. I don't have the 3 gram wt on the headshell any more either.$297.00 for the re tip was money well spent. No hum, track very well at 1.65 grams. I ... 
MM cart recommendations for VPI Scout TT
I have a Platinum on my Scoutmaster. I like the sound but the only problem I had was the "Grado Dance". It was solved by adding a 3 gram wt to the headshell. I am planning a upgrade to the Sonata 1. 
Has anyone modified a Miller & Kreisel subwoofer
The V2b sub is a good sub. I will put out plenty of low clean bass. I have two of them set up for the left and right speakers. I made new cabinets, removed the plate amp to their own enclousure. I changed the wire from the plate amp to the sub. Ad... 
What components are manufactured in the U.S.A.?
Who about Decware made in Peoria, ILAria made in Bend, Oregon 
Turntable set up HELP
If you set the arms tracking force to zero so it floats evenly, does it move from the outside to the inside with out any problems. Set the anti skate to zero. It should move with no effort. 
Room Correction Systems and Electrostatics?
Two words "room treatment" 
In room response
Chad, Did you ever get the 40Hz dip figured out? John 
In room response
Wow, A phone call from Acoustat6 to help you out, What a guy :) Chadnliz my graph is better then what is was. Basicly you was as a flat line as possible with some exceptions. Just remenber you can't boost a dip with a eq or turning up the amp on t... 
In room response
here is my room from 4/19. As you can see I need more traps