MIT AVT MA vs. Shotgun S1

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if anybodyhave experience with those cables and can share their opinion.
I am trying to move up with cables.
I have shotgun S1 interconnect and speaker's cable.

Mit's website says the AVT MA is a good upgrade to the shotgun S1 but I would like to know if that is true.

Thank you for the attention.
The MIT MA cables sound quite different to the Generation 3 2C3D cables. I've had Shotgun S1 cabling, S1.3, Oracle V1.2 and Magnum MA cabling. Currently I have Magnum M1.3 cabling. The Magnum vs the Shotgun cables is substantial, in terms of instrument texture, tone, transparency and soundstaging...very close to Oracle! MA sounded more diffuse, less focused and more fuzzy...warm enough and enveloping but not as well organized. System variables will effect performance, but for me the decision was easy...Gen 3 is more for my tastes:O) Joe Abrams at Equus Audio can help you make a decision as well!
I found the AVt MA's more resolute, coherent, and open in my system.

you are talking about the Magnum MA and the Magnum M1.3.
Those two cables of course outperform shotgun S1.
What I am saying is if the the AVT MA would be better than the shotgun S1.

I can have the AVT MA at the same price as the shotgun S1 and that makes it convenient because the cable is sold around (new) for around $800.

My current system has one shotgun on the linestage (I am reselling it to get the AVT MA eventually) and shotgun S1 on speaker's.
I need 2 new signal cables (phonostage to linestage and linestage to power amp) and I was thinking on the AVT MA and for phono interconnect I was thinking on Shotgun S1 phono (I asked MIT if they were planning an AVT MA for phono in the near future but they are not) thus a total of 3 interconnect cables.

So I am trying to understand if the AVT would be a better choice than S1 or if, for example, a used Magnum M3 would be something interesting to look for.

Mit's website says the AVT MA is a consistent step up to the shotgun S1 with 6 more poles of articulation which makes me think it should get close to the Magnum M3 at least.

Does anybody have experience with that?
Do you guys think that the M3 is better than the AVT MA 's series?
Also I am considering to replace the shotgun S1 Bi-wire with either the Magnum M3 or AVT MA bi-wire.
Do you guys think I would have benefit by going with one of the two?
First off, I would recommend the new Gen 3 Magnum or even the Gen 3 Shotgun series over any of the aforementioned cables...they are special and rival my previous Oracle V1.2 cables! I would also suggest you check with Joe Abrams at Equus Audio for the best advice and pricing:O)
yeah I just called Joe and he told me that the shotgun S1.3 would be a bit better than the old Magnum M3, is it true?
I mean how about the shotgun MA then? would that be better than the shotgun S1.3?
Has anybody ever tried the new .3 generation shotgun?
Yes, I auditioned the S1.3 cables before I upgraded to M1.3 cables. I also owned the magnum MA cables before and did not like their presentation at all. The Gen 3 2C3D cables give me a more well defined perspective, a more detailed soundstage and better sense of the acoustic space or venue. The MA stuff sounded less clear and vague in comparison.
Interesting, that is the same thing that MIT said to me in a different terms.
With the MA'serie you are more on the stage and the developing was more focus on placing poles in order to obtain more harmonics nevertheless the sound is more forwarde and nos so much behind the speaked.
While with gen3 the poles are placed in more precisely and so the sound is more focused the presentation is less forwarded but you have less harmonics.
Me I like a more precise soundstage and presentation behind the speakers so for what they told me I decided to buy the Magnum M3.3.
I hope it will be a good cable.
Also for the TT I went for the Magnum Phono which is supposedly a great phono cable...hopefully.

Do you think the Magnum M3.3 will be a good cable?
I don't understand why people go directly to the M1 that makes me think that M3 is not worth it...I don't know...maybe I am wrong!!
They are terrific Stefanoo...I was unclear in my post, I have the M3.3 speaker cables and the M1.3 IC's. The 3.3's are nothing to apologize for!!
wow....thanks for your support :) I am going to order these itmes this week.
Great, remember Joe Abrams at equus Audio for the best price and support!
I was in fact ordering from him!
I have ordered Mit Magnum M3.3 and Magnum Phono for the interconnects and I am using Mit Shotgun S1 Bi-wire for speaker's cable.
Hope I made the right choice buying the magnums istead of the shotgun MA.
Which BTW I don't unrstand, Mit seems to measure the performance of their cables by the poles of the network.
If that is the case, the shotgun MA would be superior ro Magnum M3.3 up to M1.1
That is a bit strange though!!
check and let me know what you suggest