MIT shotgun MA or MIT Matrix HD38

I'm Kaczur Zoltán from Hungary! I seeking speaker cable!
What's better? MIT Matrix HD38 or Shotgun MA? Excuse me the short post, i little speak english! Very thank's Zoli
Hi, you speak English better than I speak Hungarian. MIT has 2 product lines, one available in stores and one available from on-line sellers. That's how they are divided in the US. I think the Matrix is their very latest line for sale in stores, while I think the Shotgun is from online sellers. There is a description of the difference between the sound of the 2 lines on the MIT web site, but to summarize, they say the on-line cables are geared more toward presenting very good spacial properties, or reproducing the sense that you are in a concert hall with the performers. The in-store cables are geared more toward reproducing the overtones and sounds of instruments, without as great a sense of distance to the performers. The in-store cables will sound like you are closer to the performers. These are the words from the MIT website, I have not had any experience with comparing the 2 directly. I have recetnly auditioned in my home the new Matrix50 interconnect, and thought it was the best cable I have ever heard, and produced very rich and detailed sounds, and a very 3D soundstage with great depth.
My experience has been it's typically best to go with the later technology with MIT stuff as well as the higher "poles". In this case, the Matrix are the newest so I would lean that way if it were me. I'd also guess that those two cables are going to sound somewhat similar so you probably aren't going to be in a bad situation either way. Both great cables, enjoy!
Richard is right....unfortunately - what I mean is the con of owning MIT is the expense. I have been using older reference series, 350 ref and 350 SG EVO and they are special.

I am about to move my rack and my 10 ft evo's will not reach so I am at the crossroads, settle for something else or move into a long IC from MIT....that will probably be the choice...arrrgh!

The good news is long MIT cables are more of a value as cost does not go up that much as length increases.....its the first meter that is killer!