mission 775s w/774 arm...a forgotten jewel?

Added this table/arm combo to my hifi museum, and i gotta say it rocks. Somehow missed this in the 80's, and i'm very pleased to have found one today. Playing with a garrott bros. k3 and it is one of the most pleasing analogue front ends i've ever used. Anyone else have one of these?
Had one in the 80's and sold it when I got my Oracle. Big mistake, not that the Oracle is bad, its just that for the $'s that table and arm were great. The only (and I mean only) downside that I could remember was it had no torque - you had to help the platter get started (at least I did) and the motor was unshielded so a suseptible cartridge might hum a bit. I've noticed one for sale on the'gon with a Grace cartridge. I wouldn't buy it for the Grace however, I could easily imagine the cantilever is shot by now - I've got a body in the draw and have never found a 'working' NOS stylus. Oh well, memories.

You've lucked out......:-)
Too bad I recently sold my 776 pre and 777 amp. Beautiful design and way ahead of their time.
that platter is a killer. the moter on mine seems to be fine, and i played with some cartridges to find one that worked quietly. lordy, the dynamics are stunning.i have an oracle paris, and wouldn't part it, and a thorens jubilee which i also love....but this plain looking black table is probably the best investment i've made in awhile. i saw one on audiogon today.....its pretty pricey, but i would say its worth it......your oracle is a classic indeed.
Dear Jaybo: I don't have any experience with the TT and a little with the tonearm, for what I can remember on this low mass tonearm it is a good tonearm but designed for low weight/high compliance cartridges, I think that there are a few models of the 774: the original and the SM, I'm not sure and I can't remember which one I heard.

Now, try to find The Mechanic: this Mission tonearm is a great quality performer ( better than the 774 ) and match in a better way today cartridges, recomended!

Regards and enjoy the music.
I owned the arm,mounted on a Linn,way back when.I was very happy with performance.A nice product.BTW,the Mission cartridge,of that era was NOT up to the performance quality of the arm!
there is no suffix on the arm container, so i believe it to be a straight up 774 arm. i will probably keep this combo the way it is because it is literally like new and sounds great. i will look for a mechanic however for future use, given this combo's incredible performance.
i had a 4 day shootout with my thorens 147 jubilee, and my friend's superb well tempered classic, and vpi hw3....it hung in with both tables even with a much cheaper cartridge than the other three.