How do Mission Speakers rate?

I am looking at buying new speakers, and someone mentioned Mission 775's. How do they stand up in their price range?
Don't pay more than $1000. for them. Bryn Mawr Stereo was selling them for 995. awhile back on clearance. I have heard them. They are very efficient and work well with low powered tube gear. They sound great. I own a pair of 702es (bedroom system)and I really like them. You might also want to consider the Soliquey 5.3 speakers. They are also very efficient and I saw a pair used either here or on Audioshopper for 1200. . Stereophile rates them class B. Also look at the Meadowlark Kestrals. They sell new for 1200. and although they are not as efficient as the previous two they can be driven with a forty watt tube amp with no trouble. It really depends on your related equipment and your tastes in sound.
I've had a pair of Mission 753s for four years and I love them. I listened to quite a few speakers in the price range at that time (including ProAc, Monitor Audio, Elac, Rega, etc.) and I thought the only real competition were Mission's other model...the 752s. There's much more competetion now, and I've never heard the 775s, but I'm sure they're worth checking out (from what I've heard...I'd also have to agree with the above suggestion about the Meadowlark Kestrels).
I used to be a mission fanatic about 12 to 13 years ago. I think mission had sort of fallen from grace somewhat, as sales and distributorship had fallen off in the U.S. Now they have definitely come back strong, although I don't think their speaker lines are as good or maybe I want to say, unique as they once were. They are a little more mass market now. The 770 series speakers are excellent all rounders, geared more to home theatre, while still being accurate for music. They don't produce gobbs of bass(Missions never did), but enough to satisfy most. In a home theatre setup you should be using a sub anyway. In the $1,000 price range their are alot of great speakers. Check out PSB Stratus Gold Series, Paradigm Reference Series, B&W DM Series, Kef Q Series and some of the models from NHT. All of these offer high value at low cost and will provide good comparison to the Mission product line. Mission does make a good product though and would not be afraid to buy their product line if it fit my needs.