Mirage OMD-28

Has anyone listened to Mirage OMD-28 (their latest top model)?
Or if not, what is your general opinion on Mirage?
Based on what I found, it seems there is a general consensus that they are mid-fi type of speakers, meaning average performance in respective price brackets?
I am considering only 2 channel, not HT.
i owned a pair of mirage frx-7 ($700 retail) which i used for music. i also had an entire frx package for home theater duty as well. mirage speakers overall were decent, but your estimation of mid-fi is correct in relationship to my experiences.

i haven't heard the omd-28, but it's my understanding that it's their flagship speaker so i presume it's better than their other offerings which i'm more familiar with. my previous gershman avant garde's fully trounced the frx-7's and my current von schweikert db99 do the same. of course, these are multi-thousand dollar speakers compared to the $700 frx-7 so it's not really a fair comparision.

if i were you, i'd at least give the omd-28 a listen if possible. based on my experiences, if i didn't have the chance to demo, i would continue looking elsewhere.
Many people may not like the Mirage bipolar/omnipolar sound but I have a hard time considering a pair of $7000 speakers as "mid-fi".

The mid-fi term is not my word but what I have seen in a reference to Mirage from a few comments I found in various forums.
And it was used relative their performance in given price bracket, meaning they do not represent biggest bang for the buck.
The reason I am interested in opinions on OMD-28 is because an audiophile friend of mine had an oporunity to audition them and his description of impressions was very intriguing.
He will flatly refuse anything that does not have roots in professional world.
He respects and owns only brands like PMC, Bryston, Teac, Tascam, etc.
Yet he spoke very higly of OMD-28 performance.
So I am curios what other may think.
For example, he said that OMD-28 does exceptional imaging (strange considering omnipolar design), was very fast, clean and dynamic, and very coherent through the entire spectrum of frequencies.
He thought that OMD-28 outperformed PMC OB-1, and that is a tough act for any speaker.
Then there are some that say Mirage line (read API) does not measure their drivers to precise tolerances the way some speaker manufacturers do and this is what makes them more in line with mass market speakers (read mid-fi).
After all, API is all about mass market.
And do not forget the luxurious finish of OMD-28, it ought to add to the cost quite a lot.
So are we dealing here with top of the line piece of furniture type of speakers that have an average performance for the money, or Mirage managed to come up with killer speakers that combine to a greater extent all the attributes that make speakers outstanding?
I'd discredit a persons opinion if they only use gear used in the professional market. These types of people are more inclinded to show you how well their gear spec's rather then actually listening to music. I've never heard a nice peice of "industry" gear that translated well into home use. The end users needs are much different unless of course you prefer specification outlines over actual music.