Opinions Mirage OMD-15 - OM Design speaker - 2.5-w

Redecorating sound room , wife wants slimmer design, to save space wants me to sell My Legacy Signature III Rosewoods. Using Classe Amps, Thanks
What are the dimensions of the Sig III's? How much smaller do your new speakers have to be?

The OMD-15s are 40" H x 8.66" W x 12.25" D. I've had a pair for over two years and I like them a lot. They are very natural sounding but deceptively transparent as well. The respond well to upstream improvements and I think Classe amps would be an excellent match.

Is there any chance you could go with the bigger OMD-28s? They're only $2600/pair from Vann's, originally $7500/pair. The OMD-28s are 11.0" W x 46.5" H x 13.0" D. I don't know if that makes that much difference in dimensions. Basically they're 5" taller and 2" wider than the OMD-15s.

The reason I mention that is that while the OMD-15 is an excellent speaker that's very musically involving, the OMD-28 has bass extension down into the low 20's, more dynamic range, more sophisticated driver construction, and would probably completely make you forget about your Legacy Sig III's. I think the OMD speakers throw the most realistic soundstage and make it easy to hear a good timbre-correct presentation no matter where you sit or stand.
Thanks thats very informative. And I can see what you mean how the "the OMD-28 has bass extension down into the low 20's" that would take it into What The Legacy Sig III's can do with a smaller footprint. Yes Ive been eyballing both models on Vann's . I dont think the dimensions would be a deal breaker with the WAF factor. Great food for thought, thanks
I will concur with Johnnyb53...I really enjoyed the OMD-15s and would highly recommend them, but the 28s are infinitely better if you can afford the space and extra bucks. They are truly incredible speakers...and I'm only using a Marantz amp at 110watts, passively bi-amped.
Since I will probably be using a Marantz AV-8003 , and I own a Legacy Extreme Subwoofer . do you think that may offset the difference a tad. Im used to running a Clase CDP-47.5 pre with Classe Amps to Legacy Sig III's , which of course go below 30Hz , love the kick drums on the Legacy's but trying to appease the wife with more slim line front speakers, as my room dimensions in my finished basement are rather small , 15 by 15. . Plus the OMD-15 seem like a steal at under 1K , the 28's a healthy piece of change at $2500.00
The OMD-15 is crazy good at $1k/pair. Once broken in they are capable of surprising resolution. Bass goes to the mid-30s, not sub-30s like the Legacy and OMD-28. The OMD-28 doesn't just have deeper bass. It has a more expensive, sophisticated midrange as well. It must be something because the OMD-15 is no slouch. If you have Classe separates, however, why would you power it with a Marantz AV receiver? The OMD-15s will do OK, but they really step up with better upstream cables and electronics. I use a pretty high resolution high current MOSFET with mine and they sound wonderful.

The OMD-28 may be $2600/pair, but remember, they listed at and were very competitive at $7500/pair. That's just a little over 1/3 of list. The OMD-15's are 40% of list.

Chris Martens of Abso!ute Sound bought the review pair of OMD-28s and made them his reference for awhile after he reviewed them for the magazine.
No the Marantz AV-8003 is just the pre pro, has an analog section and of course a digital section for surround etc. But will be using The two channel XLR ,to The Classe Amps for dedicated 2 chanel Listening. Front end is a Classe CDP-10 and I also own a Marantz 8400 SACD player .

Up until now I was switching banana plugs ie Movies a Yamaha AV3900 reciever, but two channel I have a Classe 47.5 pre , going to Classe amps. If the Marantz can satisfy the analog section of the XLR I would like a one preamp solution to do double duty. If it cant come close , will still keep the Classe pre 47.5

But yes sorry to confuse, for two channel , speakers will be run via XLR with Classe Amps . Thanks