Mirage OMD-28

Anybody listen to these speakers as of yet? I've heard a few people mention their absolute GIANT killers. I've both loved and hated Mirage speakers in the past. I love the depth and warm sound, but the lack of imaging can be a bit of a distraction at points. I'm curious if this latest reference offering from Mirage has changed for the better?
I'm surprised nobody seems interested on Mirages latest design. The speaker is one of the nicest looking designs I've seen in years.


I just wonder how they sound. No full reviews yet as distribution is quite limited.
I'm waiting for the local dealer to get theirs in. I'm very interested. I can't wait to hear them. If you get a chance to hear them please post your impressions. Thanks.

What is the price on the OMD-28? I owned Mirage M-Series speakers for a long time, and absolutely loved them. Very musical, with great bass.
From what I understand they are to retail for $7500. Unfortunately that's way out of my budget but I do look forward to what they can do and hope they will make a model that is easier on the wallet.

Although if they sound as good as I imagine they could I may just start saving up fpr them.:-)