Mirage M3si woofer replacement / substitute

I have a B system in a rehearsal/ practice room and one woofer just gave up the ghost; just a scratchy whisper now.  I hate the thought of tossing the whole thing as they still sound just fine for intended purpose but, as you know, these components ceased to exist many years ago. Klipsh has declined to answer my inquiries, a  few speaker rebuild guys told me they can't help and one is willing to give it a shot it I send it.

I'd be happy to settle for a  "close enough" woofer replacement but have no idea so thought some one may have been down this road in the past and has a though or two on the matter.  Shot in the dark - I know

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Be patient and watch ads here, on EBay, and US Audiomart. You will see M3si speakers parted out from time to time. It can't hurt to see if your one option can rebuild the damaged driver as well. Also, did you pull the driver and verify that it is bad? Make sure it is not a connection on the speaker itself. Good luck, they are a nice speaker.
Yes,  looking  at all options. Sooner or later ...