minimizing glare on TV screen

Hi and thanks to all for reading,

I just left a dedicated HT situation and downsized (severely) into a condo with south and east exposure windows - about 8 feet of window in each direction. I will be putting in a mini-HT system (sound-wise) with a 65 inch screen for a small 5.1 or 7.1 system. Dedicated two channel sound as well for the serious listening times.

There is a lot of glare on my temporary site for tv and I will have the same problems with unwanted light when I get the bigger set. I'll be using blackout drapes to reduce room light but wondered what kinds of experiences folks have had in creating novel mounts for large screen tvs (to avoid glare and improve viewing angels for more in the room). Any ideas for reducing glare other than what I've mentioned?


Mark, I have 55" Samsung LED with very shinny screen. I don't see a lot of reflections during day because it is facing wall without window while brightness automatically adjusts itself to much higher levels during day (Samsung calls this "ECO"). At night I get reflections from table lamps. Matte screen on my 42" DLP, I had before wasn't much better since it was less directional "smearing" reflected light over wider area. With shiny face I can rotate TV slightly and reflected lamp disappears.
I have a 55" Panasonic Plasma mounted on the wall, and had the same glare problem. Last week I switched wall mounts to one of the articulating type, and that solved my problem. It can swing 45 degrees in either direction, although I use nothing that severe as an angle.