Funniest agon screen names

Every time I see "Eldartford", i see elderfart.
(no offence, of course).
How about you?
One of my favorites is "Heyitsmedusty." I don't know why, it just hits me. Glad mine isn't that long though.
"Swampwalker" and "Cleaneduphippy" come to mind right away.
The OP need not look very far.
The OP need not look very far
I thought the same thing
imadoofus and harrysack were driven from here long ago.
gunbydammit or was it gumbydammit?
"cornfedboy" hits it home
top that
with its physiological connotation
It makes me smile everytime I see the name "cornfedboy". I get this image of a dude on the Nebraska plains riding his 'John Deere' by day and listening to his "Albert Porter like system" at night..
(if memory serves though, the C.F.B. is from Colorado:)
Clueless was a favorite and missed in this quarter.
What ever happened to slappy.
I can relate to that one.