Monitor Audio tweeter screen removal

I am using a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze b2 speakers in my second system in the basement. I have read in a review and also in a thread here on Audiogon that they sound better if you remove the screen over the tweeter. Can anyone who has successfully done this let me know how to best perform it? I am quite mechanically and electrically competent. I would apreciate the help.
The way I did on the S1 was to take blu tak across the screen and pull gently. I haven't taken the screens off of my Bronze B1s, they seem tighter, not sure if they come off. They come off real easy on the S1 it's just a magnet holding it.
Don't bother. At the frequencies the tweeter reproduces, the screen is invisible (sonically).
The highs may be the same frequency wise but the dispersion is better with the screen removed just as it is when a grill is removed depending on the design.
no, sorry - wrong. dispersion would not be affected. The wavelengths of the frequencies the tweeter reproduces are small, and thus invisible to the screen, smaller than the size of the perforations in some cases. So removing it only increases the chance for damage. Believe what you will but this is fact.

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Some people just prefer to argue a point vs answering a question that was asked I guess.

It was the US distrubutor for MA that stated the screens have an audible effect for serious listening. Since they are meant to be listened to with the grills removed, it made sense to protect the tweeters with screens as the line is suited for family room theater set ups which may include children. These aren't thin screens such as in a SEAS tweet found on Totem 1s, they are fairly rigid with much more metal between holes. They are attached in a way that offers easy intended removal in the "S" series, not sure about the Bronze.

I actually own have a set of MA speakers with grills and screens on them. I like the sound better without them on because I like a more focused soundstage between my speakers. The screens in place lessens the effect however unbelievable that may seem. The tweeters are easier to localize, period. I also like the sound with certain cables better than others though.

Prove your facts if you must.