McIntosh MCD-7005 Problem


I have a McIntosh MCD-7005 that works fine except the drive won't open (no CDs inside). The manual says that there is a screw on the bottom that needs to be set to the "FREE" position, but I don't see any such screw.

If you know where the screw is or have any suggestions, please share them! Thank you!

Must be a "Transit-Screw" to lock down the transport during shipping. If it exists it would be a phillips screw on the back, or bottom. A friend of mine owned this player, yet upon set-up, I do not recall him ever mentioning of the 7005 having one???
I just found that I messed up the model number. It's the MCD-7008.

Another member e-mailed me pics of their 7007 with the alignment screw, but mine has none such object. Not sure what the problem is, will probably have to take it in.

Thanks everyone!
Try using your finger nail to give the drawer a boost. The 7008 is famous for this. New belts usually solve the problem.