Mcintosh and magico speaker

I have a ayon cd5s cdplayer and mcintosh mc601 monofónic amplifiers 600+600 watts, i want to buy a magico v2 speakers, can work together the mcintosh 601 and the v2?
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IMO,I wouldnt run Mac amps with Magico.I would seek amps that have better speed,clarity and dynamics.Mac is just too slow and tubby
Mcintosh slow and tubby? c'mon, maybe a smaller model with a speaker that needs big power. The 601s will power the Magicos no problem with speed and transparentcy. Heard a decent sized set of Focals driven to 600-700 watt peaks with no change in the character or rounded off anything with an ease to the music only found with an amplifier that is clearly in full control of its speakers.
Speed and transparency have never been tauted in the same sentence when describing Mac amps.Colored,slow,tubby,Mac house sound in the midrange yes but speed,lol...cmon!..The Magico dealer I demoed at (who also reps mac) never ever mentioned Mac amps at all as a source for them..Go figure
Mission- read jeff fritzs review of the 452. Not tubby and warm at all. Its all about the new thermal transistors.
I have heard YG Acoustics with Mac Intosh ... a complete disaster !
as Magico has similar characteristics (transparency, high resolution, speed) the combination could be disastrous too
I heard the Magico towers (like $88k) on a full MAC system with 1201 monoblocks.... sounded TERRIBLE. Went in the next room and listened to a MAC system with the big MAC tube amps (2301's ?) on a pair of Sonus Faber Strads (about half the price speakers) - 100% better.
Maybe it's just the high priced speakers that aren't as great as some may think.
Wonderful speakers try Pass 350ch works great.
No pressure audition here.