McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe Remote

Have the remote version of the TLC-1 Deluxe but no remote. Anyone used a universal remote for one of these and know which codes to use?

I tried e-mailing and calling a few times (since I heard they may have some left for sale) but no one ever gets back to me.
Try SMC audio is Steve McCormack. "McCormack" brand is now owned by Conrad Johnson, and your TLC-1 predates the CJ era.
Are you sure you mean the TLC-1? I've owned two of these -- am currently using one that was modded by SMC Audio -- and I can assure you that they have no kind of remote capability. McCormack did produce a remote-controllable unit, the RLD-1, back in the day, and SMC Audio has a newish unit (the name of which I forget at the moment) that I'm almost certain has a remote. I love my TLC-1, and always return to it, even after I've changed to active units for a time.
@Hodu: Yes, it is the TLC-1 Deluxe and it is remote capable but they are quite rare. The remote sensor is just to the right of the green power bulb. Only volume is controllable.

@Mwilson: I talked to SMC and they were the ones that referred me to, having heard that they may have some old remotes still for sale. Even the phone contact at sounded confident about the remotes or the codes but haven't heard back despite numerous retries.

I don't mind trying a universal remote but I don't want to have to try hundreds of codes before finding one that works.
Ddd1 or any TLC-1 Deluxe owners.

Have you had any luck with getting the remote code for your TLC-1 Deluxe? I was dusting around my equipment today and took a close look at the face of TLC-1 Deluxe I have and I saw a black dot next to the green power light. Does this mean the volume control of my TLC-1 Deluxe is capable of being controlled via a remote? If I open up the TLC-1 Deluxe and check out the inside of it could I tell if it is remote capable?

I asked the previous owner and he didn't know the TLC-1 Deluxe could be controlled via remote and didn't recall if he ever had a remote for it.

Thanks in advance.
A relatively small number of remote-controlled TLC-1s were built late in its production life (around the mid-'90s). I am not sure what the numbers actually were, but no more than a few hundred were built. On the other hand, when the decision was made to offer the remote version, all of the chassis were then built with a hole to accommodate the IR receiver. This hole is adjacent to the power LED and is filled with a small hole-cover in the non-remote version.

The remote controlled only volume and mute, and I think the remote wand had only 3 buttons. The TLC-1 design pre-dates the move to Virginia, and the remote codes are not related to the later McCormack or C-J gear. I have no idea what the codes were, and I think the only way you are going to find out is to buy a remote from McCormack Audio of VA - assuming they still have any on hand (kind of unlikely at this late date).

I suggest you call McCormack Audio at 703-573-9665 if you are interested in getting a remote wand.

Good luck!

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
FWIW, when I bought my new TLC-1 way back when, I was told that the cost for the unit with the optional remote was an additional $500. So, $995 + $500 = $1,495. I bought the unit without the remote.
Thank you Mr. Mccormack and Dne for taking the time out to reply. I took a closer look at the TLC-1 Deluxe and it does look like there is just a small-hole w/ a black cover next to the power indicator light. I'll contact McCormack Audio and see if they have a remote and if it isn't too costly.

I can't believe the remote option cost $500 to have it put into the TLC-1 Deluxe. For that kind of cash I would have left it without the remote and put the money towards another McCormack product.

Take care and Thanks again.