McCormack DNA-1 Problem. Help, please

Hi All,
My clean looking DNA-1 came in yesterday. I got it from a well rated A-goner who said it was functioning perfectly when shipped. It came in very will packed with no sign of damage. When I hooked it up to my Thiel 3.5s to try it out the red protect light on the faceplate came on along with the green power light. I assumed that indicated a problem so I quickly switched it off. I have searched on line for a manual with no success. So, is it a problem? Or should I have not chickened out and let it continue to run. If it is a problem, given that I had not even turned the pre-amp on, could it be something to do with the Thiel equalizer which is on all the time?
Any thoughts (or leads on a manual) would be appreciated since I was really looking forward to hearing how it sounds and don't want to contact the seller untill I'm sure I'm not doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance.
Give Steve McCormack a call if you don't get an answer here. He was very helpful when I had a fuse issue some years back with my DNA-0.5 Rev. A. I'm wondering if starting in protect mode is normal for a DNA-1? Also, you should have your preamp turned on before you turn your amp on (amp should be last thing turned on and first thing turned off in general). Good luck in finding a solution.
I have a DNA-2 and that is how it powers up. I think it is fine. The red light should go out after 10 sec. or so. It will also go into "sleep" mode with no signal present for 30 min or so.
Hi Drjay

Can you check all the fuses in the DNA-1? When I purchased a DNA-1 from a reputable seller and when I powered it up it had a red light. A fuse was blown when they were testing it before it was shipped to me. Normally when a McCormack DNA-1 or DNA .5 is powered on the light is first Amber and then turns green.

Also I have a pdf copy of a DNA-1 manual. I'll contact you to try and work out a way to sending it to you.
I have a DNA-1 Rev. A, when I turn it on both the blue and the red light illuminate, after 5-10 seconds the red light fades and the music starts. From what you've posted it sounds like your amp is working normally. Hope all is well, it is a fantastic sounding amp, you're in for quite a treat.
It should go out in 5-10 seconds. But why not go to Google first and get the manual? It's the first link when you search for McCormack DNA-1 manual. (Instead of getting a lot of other people involved unnecessarily and probably making the seller squirm a bit)
Hello Drjay -

The DNA-1 (and DNA-0.5, DNA-2, DNA-HT1 & HT2) comes on with the Protection engaged. This lights the labeled red LED which will gradually fade out as the amp warms-up and comes out of protect. This should take less than 30 seconds. The amp will stay in protect mode if there is a fault condition, like a blown internal fuse or excess DC appearing at the input.

So go ahead and turn it on - it sounds like it's working properly. The red LED should fade out and the music will appear, as if by magic ;-)

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Thanks for all the helpful input, folks. First of all,to Ddd l, I did do a half hour web search for a manual using Bing with no results before posting here. I guess I should have used Google!
Anyway, it turns out that after a phone conversation with the very friendly and helpful Steve McCormack I found that two of the internal fuses were blown, but unfortunately they continued to blow when replaced.
The mystery of why the amp was fine when shipped and DOA when I powered up on arrival has a probable solution. One of the small nuts that mounts the circuit board to the chassis had come loose an was free to go anywhere in the case. Apparently when I powered it up it was shorting something and both blew the fuses and damaged another component in the process, thus causing the new fuses to blow also. It is currently at my local, excellent eledtronics repair shop being diagnosed.
Again, thanks for all the helpful input.