May go back to Tannoys, which Monitor Gold for Me?

Had 12" Monitor Golds in DIY boxes from 1971 to 1988, and although I really enjoy my current Dynaudio Contour 5.4's, I still miss the Tannoy's. My room is fairly large, 16x28w/cathedral ceiling. I'm wondering if I would be disappointed with anything less than a 12" speaker. The current Prestige line is expensive, and the only speaker in my price range is probably the Turnberry, with a 10" speaker. Suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Tannoy dmt 215. Dual 15in same 15in concentric as Churchill but you get a extra 15in for much better bass.
Thank you, Johnk. I looked at those, but my wife would have a fit if I brought those utilitarian-looking speakers to my living (listening) room. Going to take some doing to get the right ones for the right price, I'm afraid.

Regards, Dan
I'm wondering if I would be disappointed with anything less than a 12" speaker.

Yes, at least from my perspective, I would. I'd suggest a DD - 18 or a JL F113 and keep the WAF friendly Dynaudios.
Hi Shad,
The subs you mention would most likely cost as much as some nice Tannoys, I think. Besides, I still wouldn't have Tannoys again, which is the whole point of the excersize. I would dearly like to hear what 12" Monitor Golds would sound like with the rest of my system as it is now. I never had the quality ancillaries to get the most out of the Tannoys long ago, I would enjoy finding out how they would sound now.

Update to this thread, I have purchased and recieved, from Ebay UK, a fine pair of HPD 315's, (12") Tannoy drivers. Hooked them up on the living room carpet, and rather surprising, they sounded darned near on a par with my $8000 a pair Dynaudio's. I was pleased and flabbergasted, all at the same time. I am working on getting some cabinets built, and looking forward to my first listen to the whole cabinet/speaker system.
Will re-post as things progress.