Tannoys DC3 plus McIntosh 2275

Just picked up a new Mac 2275 from Audio Unlimited In Denver, CO. What a match with the Tannoys, so warm and revealing.
This is the best investment in music anyone could make.
I am thinking of getting an MA2275. Have you done any tube rolling of the small signal tubes? What is the efficiency rating of the DC3? Does it ever drive the 2275 to run out of gas? Thanks.
Congratulations! I am sure I would like it too.
How would you rate that with the Mc 2102 Tube amp???
No tube rolling, I'm still getting over sticker shock and will have to wait until the money tree blooms again.

As far as efficiency for the Tannoys, there is know way this amp will run out of gas with these puppies. My listing room is small.

One draw back with this amp is that I can't move it by myself, getting to old and weak.
Thanks again. I've waited a long time for an amp like this.