Art Audio with Tannoys

I am considering Art Audio Jota HC with my Tannoy Kensingtons. I have a Shindo Monbrison preamp. I currently have a Quicksilver 6C33c Triode monoblocks which I like but I think I would prefer a more live and organic sounding amp. Any suggestions?
I think that will be a good match.

I bi-amp my Tannoys through a Marchand XM-44 crossover. Though highly efficient, big Tannoys like power especially on classical music.

If bi-amping, use identical amps all the way around. I find that mixing amps doesn't work well.
That sounds like a great match. I drive my Tannoy 15" DC Golds with 10 watts and they play big. I have found that the quality of the transformers and current is more important than the number of watts.

Art Audio's transformers are great and I bet if you talk to them they might even custom wind to match your Tannoys.
I recently bought an Art Audio PX-25 to go with my C&C BEN single horn speakers. If it is a fair example of Art Audio designs they play stronger than their power ratings, while remaining both detailed and musical.
I'll third the Art Audio recommendations having owned the 6 wpc PX-25 and auditioned a Jota w/ my ~95dB Cain & Cain IM-Bens. I also ran the PX-25 into some 90db/4ohm monitors without any problems.

Art Audio amps have over-spec'd power supplies and output transformers to supply current far beyond what their wattage ratings would imply. I mean, their power supplies can continue to deliver the full power rating(w/o sagging) much longer than most other similarly rated amps. (if I remember correctly how Joe Fratus, AA owner, described it to me)

Call Joe at Art Audio and ask him about the Kensington/Jota pairing, good chance he has tried his amps w/ Tannoys before. And Joe is dead honest about what will work, and what will not. I think he said he has run Quad 63's w/ the Jota HC before. Wasn't playing loudly, but they were able to play for hours without burning up.
Thanks all. I have a call into Joe Fratus.
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