Martin Logans and Smokers

Any audiophiles out there with experience with Martin Logan speakers and how they are affected by nicotine or tobacco tar build up? Didn't think about this possible problem before purchasing my ML's. Your responses will be
greatly appreciated.
Yes, this can be a problem. The panels will attract everything that's in the air. Pollen/dust/smoke. You name it. But if you unplug them overnight (or longer) once every six months and vacuum them with the strongest shop vac you can find, they will jump back to life. This advice is per the manual and via email from Jim Powers at ML who is THE tech guy at ML.
Tar build up can affect the speakers ability to draw a deep breath and therefore reproduce the deepest bass signals!

I bet you did not appreciate this response.
I appreciate both of your responses. I was just afraid I'd
get the answers I got. I'm already aware of vacuuming the panels once in awhile although my Kirby vacuum without any attatchment at the end of the hose is so strong it litterally sucks the diaphragm right up against the panel and I'm afraid it may tear it so I've been using the brush
end attatchment at the end of the hose. With all the smokers in the world I guess I was hoping they had maybe a spray on and wipe off type of remedy to nicotine build up problems on the diaphragms.
It's not the nicotine build-up that I'd be concerned with. It's more the tars that can embed anywhere the smoke travels. If you can smell it, it's still there. Most car rentals that allow smoking, can not get rid of the smell when they sell the car. The same is true for with hotel rooms. They have to repaint, change all the matresses, curtains and rugs. The computer industry has always known that smoking affects the keyboards and other electronic circuitry. That's why Silicon Valley was banning smoking at the worksite before anyone else did. Ironically, it wasn't to protect the health of the workforce, but more importantly, the health of their chips. Priority boys, priority!
I own ML's but never smoked in the house, can't help you. Quit smoking December 10th, feel pretty damned good!
Hey how bout getting the speakers and using them as the reason to quit smoking? When my girlfriend and I moved into our current apartment there was a no smoking clause in the lease and my girlfriend decided that it would be the perfect excuse to quit and it worked! Maybe these speakers are just what you need, in a variety of ways.
I would tend to think that the tars would be sticky and coat the mylar membrane, especially over time. I once bought a Krell pre amp and when I received it all I smelled was smoke, well it was worse once it warmed up and it was on all the time. I always advertise my gear is from a smoke free environment and I only buy the same way, I learned my lesson. Quit smoking, buy more music and enjoy the ML's sounding the best they new. This hobby costs enough :-)
I would be very loathe to spray anything on the ML panels. Soaps and detergents can de-ionize the panels. I was talking to an ML tech about an issue with the panel on one of my surrounds (new house, turns out the freaking outlet didn't work--d'oh!). He was telling stories, and included one about a guy whose panels died after his maid sprayed cleaner on them. The tech advised him to try washing them in the shower with just plain water, which in that case apparently worked. I'm not sure I'm try that, however...
Once again I was afraid I'd get the answers I got. I guess
it does give me a good reason to quit smoking but meanwhile
I'll just have to step outside whenever there's an urge for
a cigarette. Thanks everyone for taking time to respond.