Martin Logan panel renewal

I'm considering 2000 Odyssey. Feedback from owners would be most helpful as I have no knowledge. Just looking for a good sound.
Hello Ptss.

I am the proud owner of 2 ML Prodigy's. They are in storage. I now use Quad 2905's, which, to my ears, are far superior.

My problem is the discontinuity between the (fast) electrostatic panel, and the (slow) cone speaker. I should also mention the poor quality (IMHO) of the crossover. My solution was to disconnect the crossovers and run the electrostatic panels by themselves, where they were fine and fast down to about 120Hz.

When I got tired of no bass whatsoever, I changed to Quads. But, of course, YMMD.
I was a Martin Logan dealer for many years. The Odyssey,
(and Prodigy) were IMHO, some of the best speakers ML ever

The panels are good for about 12-15 years on average, so
these would be close to replacement if they haven't ever
been replaced before.

You might want to call ML service for the price on
replacement panels, (make sure you're sitting down). The
panels have sky rocketed in price over the past couple of

There are a couple of places that will repair/renew yours
for a lot less money, but they won't be "factory".
I've heard though that you really can't tell a difference.

I would offer the seller a price based on what the
replacement/renewal panels will cost.
Mofi.Panels are about $1750 shipped. Does this change basically renem the speaker?
Ptss...yes, as long as the crossovers are okay and the woofers are in good shape. The panels only reproduce the mids and highs.

You could get the existing panels renewed for about a third of that price.
Mofi, could you guide me. That's very significant yo my audio budget. Would you prefer direct email or??
Contact Russ Knotts at:

He's a great guy and really knows electrostatic loudspeakers. He makes his own models.

The rebuild/renew should run between $400-$600 or so. Just call him and discuss it.
Thanks Mofi. I'll contact him.