Mark Levinson's Guide to Better Sex

Mr. Levinson is a well deserved legend in high end audio circles, but apparently his expertise extends beyond things audio. Levinson and his wife (Kim Cattrall - Samantha on "Sex and the City") have co-written a sex manual titled "Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm".

Who say the high end isn't sexy?
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Tubes & a celebrity wife - both high maintenance! And we spend our time tweaking our audio systems...

I'm envious!
I agree but there are better books about "getting it on"-trust me I have read them all. Hell its my job ;)
Rumor has it that Madrigal has made an offer for the movie rights.
Well, i've read the first two chapters: "From aural to oral" and "From high end to bottom end" and I found them very helpful. My wife however has hidden the book!

(Still clueless, but not quite as much)

Sincerely, I remain
rumor has it that mark's dad had 1/4 komodo dragon blood coursing through his veins. which, of course, would explain mark's (reputed) 12-inch tongue. -cfb
What? Women have orgasms?
I am wondering if he is using battery power to drive his..... Will he be doing any upgrades soon?
Kim Cattrall is Mark Levinson's wife? Who would have thought? I bet the book have various toys description with ML electronics. No brainer!
this one goes to 11.

How did you land that gig and is your firm looking for any new employees with writing/editing experience?

Excuse me while I prepare my resume.

Haven't seen the book, but considering the typical audiophiles obsessive propensity to "tweak" all things that produce sound (including women?), I can see where it could be a best seller-- well at least to us "audiogeeks". I bet Mr. Levinson has this "activity" tweaked to the nth degree. WOW! In pain. Craig
Does the book contains a chapter regarding using EL34, 6550 or even the giant 211 triode tube as sex toy..............? I hope this is no the major reason that he went into tube amp!
It was interesting that in an interview in one of the newspapers, ML was described as handsome in spite of gray hairs sprouting form his ears. I wonder if you need this tweak for the Red Rose gear to sound it's best. I think I'll have the barber skip the ears next clip and see if this auricular hirsuitism changes my opinion of the RR gear next time I stop by the Whip-me Museum for a listen.
There is an article in the Sunday Styles section of the NY Times on Mark and Kim's book. They met for lunch w/the writer and were photographed nuzzling. Mark was described as "broad shouldered and ruggedly handsome." The article was kind of embarrassing, I thought. Is Clueless serious about the first two chapter titles??
Sc53. Just kidding. Never seen the book and i'm not even married. Do yourself a favor and never take me too seriously. Anyway, how are the EL34s sounding to you? Ya gonna keep em?

Sincerely, I remain
Right, like there are differences between women's orgasms! Using my test equipment, I have made all the measurements, and I know for a fact that all competently designed orgasms sound exactly the same. Don't waste your money.
My wife met Kim while going for a workout (run) in CA. She was at a conference and apparently Kim was doing a shoot out there. The funny thing about it was my wife called that night and said you'll never believe who I just met. She proceeded to tell me it was Mark Levinson's wife (not Kim Catrall--just some actress that is married to Mark Levinson). I got a kick out of that. They talked about how Mark considers himself a jazz artist far and above his dealings in high end audio. No mention of the book at that time--have to look into that further.
I wonder if there is a chapter on Direct Stream Digital...
Clueless, I just finished Chapters 3 & 4, "Exploring Depth of Field" and "Other Uses for Vibrapods". Happy Tunes!
Abstract7: I wonder if ML considers himself a jazz artist far above his dealings with high end audio because that's what the wife wants him pictured as to the Hollywood elite?

ML has a wonderful opportunity to expand the knowledge of and enjoyment of our hobby to those who seem to control fads/fashions, etc. Is he ashamed of our hobby? Or has he promoted the hobby?

Has the AAHEA ever worked with him? It would seem that if it(high end audio and its' future) was important to him, he could be one hell of a spokesman, broad shoulders and all.
didn't jimmy cliff do the soundtrack for the soon-to-be released motion picture based on the book? as i recollect its titled "the harder they come." -cfb
Cornfed, your close, the entire title is, "The longer they come the bigger the fall."

The movie is departing somewhat from the book, with first choice among the working titles being.

"From hardware to software, the hole Levinson tail"
cfb- I think I recall the NY Times article mentioning something about Jeff Becks " Goin Down".
This is how his wife described him--not entirely sure it's how he would describe himself. It reminds me of a farside cartoon where Albert Einstein is playing basketball and it says "Albert Einstein was destined to be a great basketball player until a knee injury turned him to physics." Perhaps ML broke a finger at the wrong time in his jazz career and it turned him to designing equipment (yeah--sure).
Yeah, but he still has the potential to elevate our hobby, that is, if it still is a hobby to him ...