Manley with Harbeth Monitor 40.1

Good morning.   I was wondering if anyone has used Manley amps with Harbeth Monitor 40.1 / .2?  Specifically, Snapped or Neo-Classic 250s?   I am curious to know if it is a synergistic match?  

Thanks for your responses.
You might want to ask this question over at the Harbeth User Group. I am not sure you will find many Harbeth users here. Often on HUG, Alan Shaw will respond to questions directly.  Of course he thinks that any good amp of 100wpc will work with any of his speakers but the members use many different amplifiers. You may find someone who uses Manley's with the 40.1.

Good Luck! I am a Harbeth (SHL5+) user myself. 
Sorry, haven't heard Manley but I just picked up a Rogue Stereo 100 and it sounds extremely nice on the 40.1's This is a very nice match. Heavenly, in fact.
I used a BAT preamp and Manley Snapper amps with the SHL5's and it was gorgeous.  Then went to the 40.1's and it never did sound good. Maybe the added power of the 250 amps will provide more control over the bigger Harbeths. 
I've not tried Manley with my 40.1's, but can recommend Music Reference RM9 MKII, McIntosh MC275 MKV, VAC Phi 200 and VAC Renaissance amps.   All slightly different flavors, but the best all-arounder of the bunch is the Music Reference RM9 MKII.   

If you tell me what genre's of music you prefer and the sound qualities you value most, I may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Gentlemen - Thank you very much for your responses.  I would say that I have a wife variety of preferences.   Rock and roll, funk, jazz, blues, and vocals.   I may be listening to Melody Gardot one minute, Metallica the next, and Earth Wind and Fire or Tower of Power.   I want finesse with mid range magic and the ability to duplicate the lower octaves.   
I listened to a pair of 40.1's hooked up to a MacIntosh 275. The rest of the system was state of the art. The 275 struggled with the 40.1's. The left and right channels had different outputs, and there was tremendous tube rush. You need power to drive these speakers.
Regafan, in my many years of owning 40.1's with a variety of amps I have not found it to be an absolute that the speakers require high power.  I'm currently using 70 watt per channel VAC 30/70 Signature monoblocks that drive them effortlessly and I also drove them successfully for two years with a McIntosh MC275 MKV.   
I did not write that post out of spite. I listened to a 6 figure system for an hour and was not impressed. My observations were exactly as stated in my previous post. I would have chosen a high current amplifier of at least 200 watts per channel. I like bass. I feel it is the foundation of the performance. Needless to say, I am very sensitive to it during any performance. I doubt if the system I listened to in my earlier post got below 90-100 Hertz.
I did not notice the electrical hook up of the system, just the machinery. The electrical hook up  plays a vital role in system performance. 
As a correction to my first post. The Harbeths I listened to were the new 40.2s, not the 40.1s as I stated in my first post.

Although they have an easy to drive impedance of 6-8 ohms, they are only 86 dB efficient.