Manley Neo Classic 250 Monoblock

Currently using Mag 3.6 with ARC LS 15 and Sunfire, Cal Audio, and LP -12. Have auditioned the Rogue 150's, and VTL. To my surprise the Rogues/Sunfire bettered the VTL especially in the low end. I am set to audition the Manley amps vs the Rogue. Any bets?
The Manley will surely drive your Maggies at a higher level, I had a Classic 120 mono andWave preamp driving 1.6r with great results.
My money is on the Manley. Do let us know.
Thanks. I'll keep you posted
For all intersted parties. The Manley 250 Neo Classic Mono Block Amps were absolutely wonderful in my system with my Maggies 3.6, LP-12, ARC LS 15/PH3 and Cal Audio. Triode mode was to die for. I even talked with Evanna Manley herself. She is one heck of a person and went way over board to help me get a pair to audition. Well I bought them, and I am in love. The Rogue 150's are still a good buy but for those who bet on the Manley's you won.
Wich VTL did you audition? I am considering VTL 450s paired with Vandy 3A sigs but maybe I should give the Manleys a listen.
Glad to hear that you're so pleased with the Manley 250's
and that they match well with the rest of your system.
Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Thanks for your business and enjoy time with your new love!
To Holm Audio
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They were a model above the 450 which is what I was considering. I auditioned them in March while in California. They were paired with Analysis Ribbons, Benchmark Media DAC1, and Shanling CD. My test CD is by George Mraz(acoustic bass) entitiled "Duke's Place" Track #6 Mood Indigo. The VTL lost the low end and had no punch compared to the Sunfire/Rogue 150's. The Manley however delivered the "tube sound" with solid bass on the same track. We listened to a different VTL amp that was 14 years old with Von Schweikart speakers and it sounded delicious. Go figure. I was surprised/disappointed because of the solid reputation held by VTL in the audiophile community.
Are you saying that the VTLs you auditioned were the 750 reference mono blocks? That is the next step in the VTL line after the 450. They weigh 150 lbs ea and put out 750 watts. Its hard for me to believe that a 250 watt amp is going to even come close to the 750 let alone be better in the base. I mean no offense by this and Im sure what you heard was accurate. I just think that maybee something was haywire. I have read several posts in regard to the Manley 250 vs VTL 450 and the VTLs have always come out on top in the base department. You have sparked my interest in the Manleys though. I have a VTL dealer nearby but no Manley :(
Im glad you found the right synergy for your system hopefully I will find it soon also.
Were you running Signature amp in your comparison to the VTL amps?

What did you think of the Sunfire overall?

You ultimately chose the Manley, did the Sunfire compare to the Manley?