Magnepan fuse voltage

Help; the serial number plates on the back of my Magnepan 3.6 R's say to use 5amp fuses. Is that a 250 volt or a 32 volt fuse?
Finally got this corrected! As Jwp says above, the correct mid-range fuse for my 3.6's are 5 amp, 250 volt; haven't had any issues with blown fuses since I installed the 5 amp.

From Bussmann

If you are popping 32v fuses, you are playing LOUD......especially given the time constraints as noted in the above pdf.....
Well, that most likely explains why I have been blowing fuses! I have been using 4 Amp 32v fuses.

Thanks for the info.
Stickman - you need to use 5A and 3A large, fast blow fuses on your Maggies. The voltage rating is of no concern as long as it is a value of at least 250V. Enjoy!
They come with 250V fuses.
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