Magnepan 3.7R's Jumpers and Resistors

I'd like recommendations on mid-range and tweeter jumpers for the 3.7's, and also on use of attenuators for the ribbon tweeters. I'm currently using the stock jumpers on the midrange, and the supplied 1 ohm resistor on the ribbon, since Magnepan only supplies one set of jumpers. I currently do not experience excessive brightness, and will consider replacing the 1 ohm resistor with a jumper or a lower value higher quality resistor. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and opinions.
I use the Cardas jumpers on my 3.6's. Very pleased with them
I just ordered the Cardas mid-range jumpers for my 3.7s. I already had the tweeter jumpers on my 3.6s.
"since Magnepan only supplies one set of jumpers". Forgot to mention, there should be two sets of jumpers.
Thanks. I thought I might have been shorted a pair of jumpers, but I also thought that might have been on purpose to insure that everyone started out using the 1 ohm resistors on the tweeters. I will see if I can get the dealer to obtain a second pair for me. Ultimately, I want something better anyway. Using the resistor was ok at first, but as the bass panels begin to open up, the attenuation of the upper octaves is beginning so sound just a bit too polite, so I'm going to want to get those resistors out before much longer.
Duelund Cast (1 ohm) in tweeter..and cardas jumper on mid.

been with this setup since day one, except had Mills originally as the 1 ohm tweeter attenuator.