Magnepan 1.7 versus Proac Response D2 speakers

Hello, I am torn between two speakers. The Maggie 1.7 and the Proac Response D2 speakers. I know they sound completely different. I have 2 Velodyne DD15+ subs. The speakers will be powered by a VTL Stereo 150 amp, Audio Research LS25mkII, and Meridian G08 CD player. I listen to everything from Jazz to rock to dance music. I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you!
Let the room decide, meaning the ProAc are more room friendly then the Maggies. If your room can accomodate the set up that they require, I would go with them. See Jim Smith's book. Jim is a Maggie set up expert.
Have you heard either one of these speakers? You really couldn't pick 2 different sounding speakers. If you have heard them, go listen to them again. The reason I say this is that a lot of people form an opinion under less than ideal circumstances. For example, if you listen to them in a store remember that you are listening to the whole system and not just the speakers. Also, you don't know the room very well and didn't set up the system. I have owned the 1.7 and the 2.5 (I have listened to the 2's quite often but never owned them). Taking all this into account, I can't stress enough how important it is that you make this decision yourself and based on what other people tell you to do. Also, your equipment is good and should work ok with either speaker. You will probably like both speakers without the subs. so be sure to try them both ways.
Unless you are familiar with Magnepans an in room demo is essential before purchase. At least that was my experience.
Yes they sound completely different. I've owned both the proac D2 and the Maggie 3.6. I don't care for either one but if I had to choose I'd go for the proac. I like the sound better of the dynamic box speakers though personally so that is my preference. Maggie is it's own unique thing for me it just doesn't sound quite right. Also the Maggie requires quite a bit more room and attention to setup like maybe a dedicated room they don't live as well in a living room as the proac would. I'd take Dynaudio over either of these or Revel too.
whenever I read a post like this I wonder, why these two speakers? Did you read good reviews? Have you heard either?

There are so many good products out there to choose from like Zu, Audio Note, Audiokinesis that are tube friendly and that might be considered.

my two cents...

good luck