Magnepan 1.7's best sub match??

Ok, I know there are threads out there that probably addressed this, but now that the 1.7's have been out for awhile, I'm sure there are many more opinions out there?? Has anyone found a reasonably price sub that plays nice with the 1.7's??

Room is 20x20x12.

Thoughts & opinions appreciated!
If you feed the 1.7s enough power you don't need a sub.
You're gonna have standing wave problems with a room of 20x20. The only thing which could make it worse would be a 10 foot ceiling height.

If you do go the sub-route, plan on extensive bass corner traps.
What do you consider reasonable?
Well, I guess I should mention that my 20x20x12 room (main
living room area) feeds into an open kitchen/dining room area
so I guess you can consider that into it as the LR is not one
closed off area.

I'm thinking under $1k give or take. Maybe one REL T-9, or two T-5's, or similar. Thinking "fast" & "tight" over
super deep.

I have Denon monos @ about 460 W/PC. Speakers are
a little over 1 yr old, but still not sure they are
broken in as the gentleman I bought them from did not play
them all that often, or for long periods of time.

Also, what would you think about 45 W/PC of tube power??
I've had great results with the Vandersteen 2W sub with my 1.6 Maggies in a fairly small room with a low drop ceiling sitting near field. What it does mainly is opens everything up so that the soundstage is huge in a wrap around way and the upper end extension just goes through the roof in a way that's quite seductive. The Vandersteen seems to me to be fast enough to keep up with the speed of the Maggie and the way it implemented in the system gives your amp relief in it's job of handling the lows. My amp is the ARC 150.2 @150wpc into 8 and 300wpc into 4 Just a thought. Good luck!
Wow!!! Just fixed 90% of the problem by putting
Shunyata Venom 3's on the monos in place of the
stock PC's! Now they sound fantastic!!!
You should hear what a High Passed Vandersteen 2WQ would do to your other 10% Percent.
Cheers JohnnyR
Hi Audioconnection,

Thanks, if you know where I can find one, let me know.
I looked on the Gon, but not sure which one (version)
to look for?? I assume the 2WQ is the latest? Or am I good
with any version?

You were still using stock power cords?
Well yes, I just bought the mono's and did not have two
matching PC's (that were not stock) yet. Now I do, and it made everything from
top to bottom much much better.
Going to try a REL R328. Will see how it works out.
I'm currently using Atma-M60's and a HSU sub on my 1.7's works fine.

Which HSU do you have?