Magico mini 2 versus Magico mini 1


They just changed the Mini after wonderfull reviews : woofer not the same, filter probably too.
Price increase from 22 to 26K$.

Is the new Magico Mini 2 better than the first Magico Mini ?
What are the best amp match for those baby ?

Which speakers are direct competitors ?

Thank you for sharing your experiences
I'm waiting for the model 3, which, rumor out west has it, will change everything again, go to a bigger size, and cost 30K. I feel if they know what they're doing, you're better off waiting until they do it right and pay the most top dollar you can just to be sure.
If you are talking about the M3.5 you should check your sources again. According to Magico, the price on that speaker is going to be somewhere north of $50K. The Mini 2 stays the same. For more info on the Mini 2 you can go to

Lots of good information and first hand experience. I am still waiting for mine.
I was talking about the 3.001
what is the 3.001? can you say more about it?
Tarsando was having fun with you guys. Tongue in cheek, get it?

ok.... I believed there were announcing a new model 3 to bridge the gap between the mini and the model6....
More dynamic than 1s MUCH better bass More relaxed sound.BEST amp to drive ROWLAND 8T.You any of you own these!!How do you like them?
I have heard EBM's Rowland 8t Mini set-up,and will confirm that the Rowland is miraculously good.Neither EBM or myself have ever really heard the Mini model 1,but from everything we have read(other posters,and owners)confirm that the model II is superior.
His system is amazingly good,with rediculously good low bass,for such a small(not really)speaker.Tonal balance is superb,with decent soundstage(he has a fairly small,crowded room,but a good one).The high frequencies are amazingly linear,with wonderful detail.Only criticism is a slight lack of upper midrange air.
I believe the new,warmer mid/bass driver contributes to the ever so slight(only a nit-pick)lack of upper midrange air.Other than that,this is a wonderful speaker.
Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounded like you were listening to the Mini 1 but you said that you “believe the new, warmer mid/bass driver contributes to the ever so slight (only a nit-pick)lack of upper midrange air.” So I am a bit confuse, did you hear the Mini2 as well? I have not heard the Mini 2 yet so I am very curious.
I am referring to the MINI II,which EBM owns.He,previously had Kharma speakers(1.0)which had a very open and airy upper midrange,hence my nit-pick of the Minis,in this area.Basically,when playing the same reference discs we use for all occassions,the Magico has a little less "life" in the upper mid,compared to the Kharmas.Only my personal opinion!I hear this on female voice,and it makes sense,that a carbon fiber based mid driver would have this trait.It is NO big deal,but how I hear it!I definitely like them better,overall,than his Kharma 1.0's.
In truth,the Minis have gotten overwhelming good press.They are fabulous speakers,IMO,but not perfect.Nothing is!
BTW,David....Some direct competitors would be Ridge Street Audio Sason,Dynaudio C1,JM Labs Micro Utopia,Sonus Faber Guarnieri Memento etc.
I have heard the first version Sonus,and Dynaudio,as well as the JM Labs.NONE of them are as good as the Magico,IMO.BUT they are all wonderful,IMO.
I have heard the Mark and Daniel Monitors,which cannot touch the Magico,but there was a review of a speaker from VOLENT(the V2 monitor)on the web(one of the popular sites(six moons?),which have the exact mid/bass driver as the original Magico model 1,with a super duper ribbon tweeter,and a cabinet that is STUNNING(cabinet from Italy,speaker from China).The company has been building speakers for ten years,according to the review.
The reviewer,who loves mini monitors,was overwhelmed by how good he felt it was.He alluded to the fact that he heard the Magico,but hinted that he liked the Volent's as much.BTW,the Mini is sealed,the Volent ported.
The Volent sells(according to the review I read,for 5500 US dollars,without stand.They really fascinate me personally,but based on what the Magico's do at EBM's house I would find it hard to believe "they" will be knocked off of their "Monitor" throne.
Just as a personal aside...and forgive me if this seems like rationalization,but my own personal speakers,the original Avalon Ascent MK II(which I maintain to a pampered museum standard),sounds incredibly similar to the Magico's with a bit less upper midrange warmth.They are a bit more open in the upper mid(they have a fabulous two and a half inch aluminum/magnesium midrange driver).Maybe a touch more air in the upper regions,but the Magico version II is a bit more dynamic at the extreme top(just a touch more).To me,they are very similar in presentation.These comments could get "flack",but it's only my own opinion.One really has to hear the Ascents with todays TOP componentry.Quite surprising actually!!
I know some may not believe this,but the Ascent was a stunning,and "way" overbuilt design,with external crossovers,constant six ohm load,six inch thick front baffle,and ALSO a sealed box design(230 lbs with crossovers).BUT "they" are a three way design.The external crossovers offer a challenge to most wives.But they are gorgeous speakers,built when Avalon was owned by Charles Hansen(of Ayre),and really handcrafted.Four cabinet makers took two weeks to make one pair.They show up used very rarely,but at a "steal",price-wise.
The Magico Mini accomplishes what many three way designs do,in a smaller,room friendlier package.THAT is one feature,aside from superb performance,which put them in a very select class.
Good luck

The speakers now have 500 Hrs and they are far more open than when speedy heard them!! They work great nothing I have heard does Violin and piano like mini 2s in my room!!
BTW,just a little update about my good friend's Mini version II's.
Previously I jumped the gun,a bit,referring to the upper midrange as slightly lacking in air,although I loved the speaker.I must confess,"that" was with 170 hrs on the new speakers.My friend,who now has 400 hrs on them,insisted they were much more open,and the upper mids were splendid.
Well,though I had always felt there was too much "break in" emphasis in this hobby,I was WRONG!
The speaker,as they sounded yesterday(after an eight hour extensive listening session,were "astoundingly good"!
Gone was the slight darkening of upper harmonic textures.This is the first product,in a long time,where the "over the top" reviewer was "not so over the top" afterall!
Of course the fabulous $55.00 bottle of Amarrone surely helped,but it is not too often that I get to hear such a wonderful sound system,where almost all of our ususl reference discs sound this good!
BTW,I have different(wonderful) speakers,but MUST give full credit to those Mini lovers out there.You have a real giant killer in those little(not really small)boxes!
Best to all!
My Mini were just upgraded to II. When new, they do sound a little lifeless, but that is because the new woofers really need time to break in! I am only at the 100 hours mark, and will patiently let them break in for another week before any critical listening.
Wslam,have loved your posts on the Minis on the Valin site.
To put some perspective on this subject,I do not own Minis,but my dear friend does.I have helped set up the system,and voice it from day "one"."Day One" being the early 1970's.
The newest Mini II is amazing,and I was quite surprised as to it's bass performance as well.I cannot possibly see owning a sub woofer with the version II.They are that good,in my friend's set up.All of the typical phrases(of praise)hold up here.We have listened to them with all types of music,but the finest Mercury,Decca,EMI and RCA pressings simply "must" be heard on these little GEMS!
I have always felt J.V. always went a bit overboard with the vast majority of his reviews.NOT on this subject!
In truth,I almost did not want this speaker to be this good,but it "IS"!!
Best of luck,and be patient.
Hi Sirspeedy,

My initial impressions of the Mini II are very positive. When I first heard the Mini II at the dealer's showroom, I was, for a short while, in 'denial' mode. How could the 'perfect' Mini be improved?! But Magico certainly did something magical with the new woofer.

IMHO, it is very 'modest' for Magico to call the II an 'upgrade', and not a new model. Aside from the cabinet, stands and tweeters, everything is different. I will let mine burn in for another few days until the weekend, then I am putting them back on the stands and start listening, and let them break in with normal listening.
Nice to get such a fast post,Wslam.I do wonder whether you will "still" need the SUB once the Minis are broken in.My friend seems to have a room similar in size as you.The bass is incredibly deep and powerful.I mean really good!!!So good,in fact,that one other friend of ours(a very serious hobbyist/former TAS reviewer)was present for the listening session,where the Mini II was fully broken in.He was in complete denial as to how good the bass was.I LOVED his rationalization,which was the typical "audio mentality" of not giving credit to something which is SO totally out of the "norm".Sometimes,when a new and fabulous design "hits" the hobby,many well heeled hobbyists "first" deny it's superiority.This was the case the other day,but my feelings are that the speakers "speak" for themselves.BTW,before hearing them ALOT,I was a "denial" person too.I cannot imagine wanting anything else,unless in a gargantuan sized room.!I have come from the Infinity 4 tower school,of years ago,and now have a sub driven Avalon set-up,yet if I were to move to another speaker(which will happen in a couple of years,since I will sell my home,with grown kids now)I will have the Minis on a VERY short list.I find it hard to believe any sub can keep up with the new II version,and still keep the magic.
BTW,how does the Dartzeel hold up on orchestral works?
Best of luck.
Sirspeedy, the list of questions you asked is pretty much the exact list of questions I am asking myself.

Here are my thoughts and observations so far:
1) The Torus is one of the better subs out there. I am using it via digital crossover and a 1000W ICEPower amp. The way I have it setup, I can switch the sub completely out of the signal path with a few clicks. Initial impression is that the bass of the Mini II is indeed 'sufficient' for 'musical' information. Right down to 40 Hz or so, possibly lower with room gain. The Torus is serving below 40Hz for the 'hall ambience' effect. It is too early for me to decide whether the Torus is 'necessary' or not. Since I will be moving in the next 9 months, probably into a bigger room, I am going to keep the Torus until then to see how the Mini II work in the new room first.

2) the dartzeel has its limits. So far, I have not managed to clip the amp, but those 'eyes' have brightened up during one of those Mahlerian climaxes, even though I did not hear any sort of strain or compression. Will it be sufficient once I move into a larger room? I don't know. In my current room, I think it is doing a very fine job.

The Mini II is one of those speakers that the physical appearance and the sound they generate simply do not match in terms of 'scale'.