Magico A3

Finally a set of Magicos that seem worth the price (to me):

I'd love to hear these.
They are very backordered. Bass performance is excellent and what you would expect from a Magico design, but the smaller bass drivers means less total displacement versus an S3 MkII for example.

After hearing them, I stopped caring about integrating them with a subwoofer. In my experience, other speakers that advertise similar degrees of low frequency extension would often still clearly benefit from a subwoofer during typical music playback.

I can't contribute the experience of an A3 owner.  But FWIW from my own audition of the A3 in a dealer's home (purportedly a room that allowed for smooth bass response):  I found the A3 bass to be very deep and not wanting for a subwoofer.  But I also found it a bit bloomy at the very bottom and, though I often sort of dislike the term "pace," it did seem to be a bit lackadaisical in the punch/pace department.  Not a terribly toe-tapping sound vs what I am used to at home (Thiel) and from some other speakers I auditioned.

But...hey...that's just one single long audition.
The A3 low bass is incredibly linear and deep, a big improvement over anything else I audition under 20K. Plenty of toe-tapping in my living room ;)
You just need to pair them right, it does take a system to make it all work.

what thiel do you have? I have a pair of 2.4CS that I pair with two JLE112s and I am looking into the A3. 

I have the Thiel 2.7, which replaced my bigger Thiel 3.7.
I'm curious:  What are you looking for from the Magicos that you don't get from the Thiels?