mac mini into a hires streamer

I would like my Mac mini to out put hires to my new dac, the Nuprime DAC-9 and don't know ho to do it. I did a few years ago have my mac upgraded/optimized for cd playback 16/48 and it won't output any higher and was old by someone that it depends on my MAC OS? The end goal is to do this so I can try the different resolutions on Amazon Prime HD.

THX in advanced,

I don’t know the specs on your Mac but I had to retire my old MacMini since it wouldn’t update the software Tidal required. Mac output via optical is capped at 48 but USB is not. Once I upgraded to a new Mini and used a good USB cable all was good. I hope this helps. Listing the rest of your system would help get the right answers to your question. 
I think I am buying a new MAC Mini and my dac is a new NuPime SAC-9.
If you have hi res audio files you can go from USB into the usb input on your dac.  I do this with an old macbook.  No problem streaming hi res audio off the internet or playing hi res files ripped from CD's
Use USB out on the Mac.