Luxman LX33 Integrated Tube Amp. YEAH? NAY?

Perhaps the Russian Tube Preamp disaster will lead to this different solution:  All Tubes in one shot.

Luxman Vintage LX33 Integrated Tube Amp for: Small Office system:  TT (MM); R2R Tape (line); Computer (line).


30 wpc Enough Power? I think so. I would go Luxman pre-out to self-powered sub's line-in first, then sub line-out to LX33 Main In: so the LX33 and Wharfdale 225's (low 87 sensitivity) would not need to produce low bass.

This LX33 and other Luxman's are Shallow Depth. They fit on top of my 3 shelf high bookcase, next to my Vertical TT and Vertical R2R deck (nicest no-bend operational height I ever had). 

 The Fisher Mono Blocks are also 30 wpc. (35 wpc if I want to get EL37's, no thanks, I'd rather eat).

Not the wood look like the Russian preamp or even nicer Luxman Preamp 35iii,

but the LX33 Brushed Metal finish next to the Grey Mistubishi LT-5V are compatible.

thanks as always for your help,


I can't recommend vintage equipment except to people that know what they are getting in to. So if you have to ask, I would tend to say no. :(

thanks for your reply,

I am specifically looking for Vintage Tube (preamp or integrated), and I know Luxman equipment has very good reputation. Seller has very good things to say about this one.  At this price, if it needed some work down the road, it would probably be worth fixing.

I was asking if people had experience with this or similar Luxmans, perhaps that 'era' was good, better, best?

and, perhaps someone knows of other maker's shallow depth tube units to look for, preamp or integrated.
A new find: Luxman Tube Integrated (MM, MC, remote volume)

only 10 wpc for 87 sensitivity speakers? IF sub takes the bass?

from Raven’s formula 10 wpc with sub is like 30 wpc. I sit 6 feet away, don't need loud.

"High-Pass Crossover

The Avian MK3 series high-pass feature provides an extraordinary advantage when using a subwoofer. By removing bass frequencies, it frees the power amp from 65% of the load it normally has to bear. This is like tripling the power of the amplifier in terms of its ability to drive speakers. It also frees smaller speakers from reproducing low bass frequencies which reduces speaker distortion. This is all achieved with a gentle 6db per octave slope making it easy to achieve a seamless and musical transition with any good quality subwoofer."

Elliot the SQ-150 is an excellent little amp a friend has one and loves it. But even with your sub handling most of the bass duties I still think 10 watts would be a stretch unless you have a small room and/or listen at low volumes.
The Luxman CL-35 III is a good preamp, but ...

I would only buy one that was constructed to run on the voltage where I lived, and this one was designed to run on 100V AC in Japan. I don't know where you are located, so this may or may not fit qualifications I would desire.

@jond  +1 on the SQ-150. Sounds great, but needs efficient speakers 


You are right, 10 wpc is borderline. I'll probably go for more power just to be safe. If I risk it, and too small, what else would I do with it?

check out this compact beauty from the 60's

20 wpc, now were talking!


Thanks for commenting. I'm USA 120v.

I use a small 120 to 100 transformer for my 100v JVC TT81 Turntable, zero hum. My concern is I move stuff and forget it's needed and plug directly to 120v by error. I think I'll put a wire tie on the plug/transformer to prevent that.

IF the transformer is noise free, is it more of a concern for an amp? I suspect it's done all the time.
LX33: ALL tubes are readily available, power tube is 6CA7, from the tubestore:

"Other common substitutes for EL34 vacuum tubes are 6CA7 and KT77 tubes. Although not identical, they are close enough to be considered direct substitutes in almost any instance. The EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 also have similar pin outs. Be sure to check out our EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 tube reviews page for more information regarding the sound qualities of these tubes.

Many of the EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 tubes listed here also have customer tube reviews. We also indicate top sellers for the EL34 tube type".

If you feel you must make this purchase, and I agree with Russ that it may not be a good idea, then you ought to buy a step down transformer dedicated only to this unit. A preamplifier/amplifier will draw more current than a turntable, and you will need a heftier step down transformer than whatever you probably use for your turntable. Japanese equipment will usually tell you on the back side near the power cord how many watts the unit draws. Take that number and multiply it by two and that should be the rating of your step down transformer, at a minimum.

You could probably use a transformer, but I wouldn’t. Maybe my OCD showing through.

I bought two that were US voltage. Kept one and a friend wanted the other one. It is a very good (IMO) vintage tube preamp. Not as good as the current production CL-38uC, which I also own.  The US voltage ones are out there and show up from time to time. I also have the plug in SUT for this. The Luxman SUT is very hard to find, but the Sansui a-603 SUT is a plug in replacement and findable.

You might want to do a little more research on Luxman. They made great gear for a long time, but had some bad times in the 1980’s if I recall correctly. Currently they are making great gear.

Good luck with your search.

Jim Perry
Why don’t you look for new LUX like SQ-N100 integrated?
You could find it used for the same price.

I sold one to a friend and it’s very nice for the price (under $1500) with MM phono stage, remote control, headphone amp and super cool design.

thanks for the idea if money was tight an apparently good one as you would think,

there are no sq100’s currently available except far foreign lands, and not much less than this sq-150, $1,960 + $90. shipping no tax.

the other one is more $2,250 + $100. ship, probably pay tax, not sure. Advantage: worked on by Audio Classics. I just dropped my mx110z there, met Ryan, and wrote him about this unit last evening. 117 v version.

Having sq-150’s MC option appeals to me (their MC setting fits my AT33ptgII well enough I think).

I may someday use this 10 wpc with my extremely efficient 16 ohm horns in my main system, use the Cayin elsewhere or sell it.

Unfortunately Luxman’s bias adjusters are also internal, at least it is lighter to move around.

I have patience to wait for what I buy, but I want to end the search (the fun becomes misery for me) and buy something soon.
I heard back from Ryan at Audio Classics:

" As far as the SQ150, that is a great unit.  The Luxman has been very popular in the past year.  Very appealing to the McIntosh enthusiasts it seems.  Sweet, never bright, and very very low noise.  It would match very well with the Wharfedale's".

I made an offer on one here in USA, with a twist:

"You want your full price? Or pretend we bargained hard and you gave me your Tuesday evening discount? Your choice, just let me know".

waiting for sellers reply.
Agreed, paid, seller will ship today!

The release from the torture at the end of all the research, asking for advice, optional ideas is a wonderful thing.

Thanks as always to everyone for their guidance.

Ah, the best made plans .... not so great when you are an idiot. After all the waiting, I rushed things in the end.

I got excited about the Luxman SQ-N150. Both MM and MC and it just so happens the MC setting (not adjustable) fits my AT33ptgII cartridge very well! 2 months old, great price, small (really small), 10 wpc tubes will not be too much heat in my small office, oh yeah.

Remote volume for PC, TT, R2R, whoopee.

Well, ALL the Vintage and fairly recent Luxmans I looked at had pre-out/main-in. Not this little one, I didn't pay enough attention.

So, that nixes my plan of pre-out to self-powered sub; sub minus low bass to main-in; 10 wpc no low bass to the somewhat inefficient wharfedales (87). Takes the work of low bass away from both the amp and the speakers. That is what let me take the risk of 10 wpc with 87 speakers. Lowest efficiency speakers I ever had, and now the lowest powered amp I ever had.

Luxman drove my very efficient 16 ohm horns/15" woofers wonderfully for 3 hrs last night. Amazing. Up here, we shall see. I will use the speaker wires in/out of sub, that does not give the amp a break, but the Wharfedale's don't try to make low bass, and I am only 6 feet from the speakers, no need for much volume here.
Good idea, but Nope. It really is minimalist:

remote: vol; mute

front: power; vol; meters; meter on but their lights off; phone jack; line straight which I use. (bypasses balance, bass, treble).

top deck front: balance; bass; treble; phono mc; phono mm; line: 1,2,3

that’s it. I cannot see the top deck from my chair, I forgot it had balance, I wish balance was on the remote. for the rare tweak some tracks need. I can always get that thru the Chase, but for now I’m skipping it. Balance is more important in the main system anyway.

It's gonna be fun to watch the R2R meters and the Luxman's meter's simultaneously, Tape deck showing content volume, Luxman showing related power needed.

No matter, it has plenty of power for this room, and the sub takes the low bass prior to the wharfedales like before, a nice extended sound.

Received and listened to this here yesterday, from Slovania, a great test of bass blend/extension. Terrific.

Phono: the built in MC/MM a big reason I bought it. I’m loving it’s sound, and will get another AT33ptgII for up here for my birthday ...,

using AT440ml MM now with near virgin OEM Line Contact.


I put the Chase RLC-1 back in, only for remote power, that way I can leave the Luxman and Sub on.


Had I realized in my haste, I might have passed, so, it’s a happy/lucky mistake.