Loudspeaker under 3000 new or used

Using BAT VK200 with BP25 (all solid state). Thank for the input.
May I suggest, Dunlevy III's or IV's, check out Martin Logans as well, several models will meet your finicial requirements. GOOD LUCK !
You can get a pair of used Vandersteen 3A Signatures for about $2500-2600. I own a pair of these excellent full-range speakers, and think they are a bargain at their MSRP, and even more so at their used price.
In that price range, but with different equipment driving, I had very good luck with NHT, I bought 2.9 because 3.3 had to be played a bit too loud to sound great.
Certainly you'll not do any better than Sonus Faber Electa Amators in the mid to high $2k range used!(original versions,not version 2 current). These are bookshelf monitors. Although you wouldn't know it by the sound! Top to bottom, they are simply world class! They need a strong amp to drive properly(solid state only need apply) but will play the best 35hz-20khz you'll likely ever hear in this life time!!!...Class A stereophile rated
If you listen to jazz, vocals, and classical, the Silverline Sonatinas and Sonatas will sound truly wonderful. The old-style Sonatas can be found used for $2500+, and the old Sonatinas for $1700 or so. The midrange and highs are oh so sweet with the soft-dome midrange driver and tweeter.
Also, I would consider Talon Khites (I saw them used for $2600 a few weeks ago). Glorious midrange, delicate top end and very fast and dynamic bass. They can play very loud without a touch of strain.
Check out the Alon Acarian IV's ($ 1875 used) for a full range speaker that should like your BAT's. Also
there are two NHT 3.3's for $ 2K and under used which I still prefer(slightly) to the 2.9's even if they do not open up as readily at low volumes. As a Vandersteen owner, I certainly second the 3A recommendation! If you are feeling electrostatic, you can look at the used Quads(midrange legends, so-so bass) or used Soundlabs(good full range stats- not quite as subtle as some) well in your price range, if SAF is not an issue. What a fun problem! Lots of great stuff, especially used. If you had four power amps and some patience, I would even look at the Infinity IRS Gamma for sale for $ 1,500. Not pushing this last idea, mind you, just a thought. If you spot some Hales(Revelation 3) they are an overall strong performer, but are hard to get used,(they go fast) and too much money new.
For new speakers in your range, try the Newform Acoustics
ribbons- easy loads and truly magical. Forget finding them used( I have been looking.) Good luck!

Please let us know what you wound up getting, if you have gotten that far. If not, also keep an eye open for used buys on the following good matches:

Gershman Acoustics RX-20( amazing imaging and coherence)
Vienna Mozart(balanced, timbral accuracy)
Von Schweikert Models 4,4.5 or4 GenII(efficient, great bass)

Waveform Mach 17(or any Waveform speaker)(you and I should be so lucky!) out of business, but former Stereophile Class A speaker) Produces spherical waveform - room sized sweet spot and just scary good sound.

B & W Nautilus 803's - if you must. Boring but safe choice.
B & W 801 or 802's - older but better speakers for the $$$.

Good luck if you're still in the hunt.
check out a demo or used pair of B&W 802 Matrix...u can get them in mint condition for aroun $2000 - $2500 and excellnet buy....if ur lucky maybe u can find the 801 Matrix
for under $3000..i have seen then sell for around that
There's a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.0's from a dealer listed on this site as I write this right at $3K, which is a heckuva price especially if they're demo's with full warranty from a dealer. I own a pair (no, I'm not the dealer and mine aren't for sale :-), and would heartily recommend them since you have SS amplification.
Hales Rev3s are a great buy - new or used. Has anyone listened to any Triangle speakers from France? Those seem to have cooked up a storm lately. Reasonably priced too!
Rocky is right - one of my in-laws has an old pair of 801 Matrix speakers with s.s. amplification(aragon 8008 I think)
and it sounds incredible. Admittedly, the system is tweaked all the way down to the power cord, but still shows what can be done. Incredibly uncongested and convincing on complex classical pieces, so they will coast on anything else.
Von Schweikert VR3.5's should be a must hear after listening to the rest. See at www.vonschweikert.com
Revel F30 are amazing for the $! Easily the best midrange in a 3-way anywhere near the money. Good Luck. Ernie
Add used A Physics Virgos to your list. Could fit your bill...

Enjoy the search!
If you haven't bought anything yet, now looks REAL good.
A quick perusal of today's classifieds shows some gems out there, e.g.:
Newform Acoustics R645 $ 2000(great ribbon imaging, easy load and placement.(Best with Hovland cap tweak & leveling)
At this price, a fast sub could be added for true bliss.
Audio Physics Virgos $ 2450
ProAc Response 2.5's mid-high $ 2's.
Wilson Benesch Actor's $ 2900
Michael Green's $ 1,500(!)
Green Mountain Continuum $ 2,---) room adjustable phase response, a unique speaker
Vienna Acoustics Beethovens - In the $ 2's.

Have fun!

Newform Research R645's