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Finally taking the leap to Monoblocks
You should take a listen to Jeff Rowland Model 7's. They last a lifetime & the sound is surperb. Power? 350 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 700 watts into 4 ohms. They are hard to find but in your price range. Try to find the ones with the latest updates. 
What Cables - Cleaner Bass
XLO is a good consideration. Type 5 or 6 in shotgun. I have a pair I will let you try if you like. Two 6' pairs for $200. Factory terminated. If you are happy just keep them, if not return. Only out your shipping. Good Luck! 
Speakers with built in sub any good?
You might consider Vandersteen Model IV's. Sub is built in & fires to the floor, so placement is not a problem as with side firing subs. These can be had for aroud $1,000 to $1,500 for a good used pair. Also a great sounding speaker for its pr... 
Changing Amps?? Are you Sure??
I agree with you completely !!! I currently own my fourth pair of Jeff Rowland Model 7's, world class Classics by anyone's standards. Every time I sold them for the "newer better" I would always go back to the 7's. I purchased one of the first pai... 
amp stands
Purchase 2, 4" X 8" X 16" solid concrete blocks. You can spray paint these with the color of your choice. I would suggest trying your amps with different materials between the amps & the blocks. Cost for the blocks is $1.00 each. You will need... 
Speaker Placement
Check the Cardas site for some really good input on this topic. Good Listening. 
Room Treatment Options?...What to use?
THIS JUST MIGHT WORK!!! Just as an experiment take a board, particleboard works great for this, (about $14) use the one for counter tops. Cut the sheet into 3, 18" X 72" pieces. Then stand them in three of your four corners at 45-degree angles, Tw... 
Need Opinion on Speaker Repair
I agree with with [email protected] above. Millersound has done some repairs for me as well. He is one of the best & great to work with. GOOD LUCK ! 
The partner or wife factor
Good String Here! I have had many partners, only two regular ones. One that hated all the "electrosmog" & one that was happy that I was happy. The latter being the best to live with. As for now, I visit parners enviroments, & then return h... 
Marble to place speakers on?
Sounds like we have a lot of interest here. It addition to my first post, may I suggest that there is no substitute for experimenting. As for sources, for thicker or larger pieces I found that monument works are great resources. Many times they ha... 
Loudspeaker under 3000 new or used
May I suggest, Dunlevy III's or IV's, check out Martin Logans as well, several models will meet your finicial requirements. GOOD LUCK ! 
Marble to place speakers on?
It should extend about 2" larger than your speaker, on all sides. I would suggest that you try at least 3" thick 4 is better. Now for the best coupling, attach the marble to bottom of your speaker. Have your supplier drill 3 holes about 5/8" diame... 
Golden Triangle
Go to Cardas site,, Just read & follow the step by step set up. It works!!! GOOD LUCK! 
Best Woofer s for DIY speakers this site, they have some pretty interesting projects available.Good Luck, 
Ethics of last minute auction "poaching"
Auctions are for the "Big Boys" the rules are the same for everyone. STOP! crying! If you want to bid, BID, if not just look elsewhere.AGAIN AUCTIONS ARE FOR ADULTS.