Loudspeaker DIY Kits any suggestions???

I am looking for suggestions on Loudspeaker DIY Kits. Preferable somebody that makes the cabinets.
Check out www.grresearch.com . They have their own forum on www.harmonicdiscord.com and some interesting threads on www.audioasylum.com.
Go to AudioAsylum.com and do a search in the DIY forum. This topic has been covered dozens of times.

Good luck
You might want to specify a little more: like how much $$$ you want to burn. Also, a local cabinet maker could probably do a very good job with most designs if you can't/don't want to do it yourself--to give your more options. www.zalytron.com does cabinets and kits. Search the archives: there have been some good threads on DIY and still current, with numerous links. Well designed speakers stand the test of time (5 to 10 years--I've heard numbers well beyond that too).
Ezmeralda It's probably much more profitable to design string instruments any DIY kits on that?:-)
Madisound has a nice site for DIY info. Alot of DIY people go on there. www.madisound.com click on discussions at the bottom.
George at North Creek Music, www.northcreekmusic.com, has kits that can include cabinets. He has some very good designs and uses quality parts.

There is a wealth of info on the web. Search Google using phrases such as diy audio speakers.

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It's www.gr-research.com
Go to this website and learn about DIY Speakers

vmps sells there speakers as kits, also www.selahaudio.com
I bet these are good. Shamrock Audio
www.Linkwitzlab.com : The Orions are FABULOUS!
Easy to build, better than $10,000 + speakers.
provide the plans and I can build it
Partsexpress.com now sells prefab. cabinets that are receiving praise on various diy boards. All you have to do is make the holes in the baffle(front face) were you want your drivers.
partsexpress cabinet are good but remember you get what you paid for.
A number of cabinet makers have posted they can't make'm for the price partsexpress is selling them for. That said I haven't seen them myself and I don't if the cabinet makers have either to know the quality.
www.pispeakers.com Talk to the owner and designer Wayne Parham. He will suggest whattever best suit your needs. You can have them as DIY kit, or order them as done profesional made cabinets . Woodwork is exceptional. Check Audioasylum, he has his own forum.
I'll second the Linkwitz Orions. I finished with these after owning Martin Logan CLS, Genesis V, Newform R645, and Watt/Puppis amongst others.
Steved -- are you multiamping the Orions? I'm interested in tackling these or the Phoenix -- but would probably opt for bi-amping only (i.e. main panel passive/bass).
Im not a professional cabinet maker. I'm just a 25 years old college student hooked on stereophile and love woodworking. I'm building a pair of speaker right now to go with my krell audio standard.
Hammer Dynamics Super 12's - Adire HE10.1's

I have both and they are excellent. The Adire's are very even throughout and are pretty generous in their room setup. While the Hammer's are a bit more detailed, but need to be carefull in crossover components and the rest of the system to keep the high fq bump/harshness in check. These have wonderful imaging but are very sensitive to setup.
visit John Kruttke page for interesting speaker and other projects.