Lots of cubic feet

My B&W speakers sound anemic partly because I have a vaulted ceiling (like an A-frame) at least 15 feet high in the center. It's the opposite effect of how good speakers can sound in a car because they are pushing so little air.  Any suggestions on types of brands of speakers that will work better in the environment? Or other out of the box suggestions.  Thanks
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George -- we need more info to come up with ideas

Room dimensions?Which B&W are you using and how have you positioned them?Regards
Hey George,

Instead of looking for different speakers, lets see if we can improve the treble/bass balance by looking at the room and placement.

How are your speakers placed in the room ??

What room treatment, if any do you use?
I doubt it is the ceilings. Placement, components... which B&W. All matter. B&W tend to be good with bass.