Looking to upgrade my old Conrad Johnson PV12

I'm in the process of downsizing speakers and replacing/upgrading my old cd player and pre-amp. I've just gotten the Avalon Ascendants and am using them with the Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblocks. I have an old Conrad Johnson PV12 and am looking to upgrade (as well as replace my old Meridian 508.24 but that's another thread). So, looking for a tube pre-amp replacement upgrade. Always liked the old Conrad Johnson sound but haven't heard their newer pieces. Looking for recommendations. Am fine with buying used and would like to keep it to $4,000 or under.

Thanks in advance for all recommendations.
I enjoyed a pv11 with phono and it was upgraded to pv12 status by Bill Thalmann. Midrange was superb and where it fell down was in treble extension and low bass. I enjoyed it for years and went to a Supratek Chenin which quickly showed it's superiority in above mentioned areas. I had some problems with the supratek over a few years and bought both a Vacuum tube sp-12se and then decided to buy my "final" preamp and acquired a Leben-rs28cx. The Leben is wonderful. One used went for 3 point something here on the gon a few years ago. I know because I missed it and ended up paying close to full retail for a new one. Still glad I did it.

Always been a cj fan (still use premier 12 monoblocks as my power amps and have no intention of selling them) and was at one point looking to get a ct5 or act II but because I primarily spin vinyl I did not want to then have to try to buy a Tea 1 or 2.

I have used a bunch of tube preamps over the past few decades. Lot's I have never heard and you have myriad choices in your price range. Never heard the et3 with phono, but would put that on a list. I had a friend that let me borrow a audio research sp6b and enjoyed the hell out of that driving the 12's. Looked strange but sounded great! Friend went to tubes and bought a tube Cary preamp and Cary V-12 monoblocks and that was one fine ass combination.

I do not know if a used Shindo falls under the 4k mark but that is one of the finest preamps I have heard.

Have fun in the search. I would not discount any cj or audio research but if it was my money used Shindo/Leben would be a no-brainer. Have not heard Aesthetix, Manley, and more that you probably should attempt to get in front of.

Have Fun!

big C-J fan here. There are many better pre-amps since your PV12. A few to mention;
Act 2
ET3 & ET3 SE.

Listen to these selections prior to any purchase. Keep me posted and happy listening!
I had the PV-12. It was an OK preamp, but a little on the dull side. CJ's preamps have improved greatly since the PV-12. It's not currently in use, but I have a CJ Premier 18 that I really like. It sounds better than the 12 in every way. The difference is kind of like the way I compared the Arcam and Meridian CD players in your other thread.

Since you already have SF amps, I would consider a SF preamp to match. They made great preamps. You know it will be a good match, and balanced, as well.
The best preamp I ever owned was a CJ 17 LS2
If a PV-12 is sounding dull there is something wrong in the selection of tubes.
As I recall, those pres only have a single cap in the signal path. Fun upgrades, but that can get pricey.